Let local reinvent relevant

Backward thinking old paradigm strategy is disease. For a future there is an obvious forward that does not rediscover the mistakes of the past, but rather its successes.

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Sowing Mustard on Stewardship Farm

Let local reinvent relevant over the coming 1000 plus years while they collaborate in the global dialogue. Schooling/education that is not local will not empower relevantly. We cannot invent it this time, we must rediscover it and our connection and let local evolve what is right for local in the vial of local sufficiency.

In such we will have a mechanism to determine “appropriate technology” per locale’ and per microcosm. The diverse world fits not in the human pocket just as “deity” fits not in religion’s pocket.

Let’s let nature do the bulk of the work and teaching and disciple under her for a future.


Tucking in drip tape and hilling potatoes on Stewardship Farm

The health of the homeless: Deep Analysis

First the Stats:


My odd conclusion “…they are the healthiest of us all!”

Grim, maybe, or maybe simply telling:
Root causes of homelessness are in the imposed synthetic and dehumanizing environment that people are supposed to live in. If you want to finish cattle in CAFO[1] style, some genetics falter that are superior in natural low input systems. If you were to remove ailing cows from the contrived synthetic system and place them back in the natural one where their gifts, talents, and genetics shine, they will come alive.

In old Turkey (1300’s Anatolia) the “insane” (revealed through crime, chemical dependence, self abasement, or extreme weirdness) were sent to a “sanatorium”. A sanatorium was an ultra natural, ultra peaceful permaculture life setting where life revolved around the beauty of nature and the nurture of imposed love and care and a collaborative living environment where all contributed to the simple ends. The Sanatorium was self sustaining and in most, travelers were welcome. People were not imprisoned; a sabbatical was imposed to help them recover from the apparent misfit with more contrived civilization. Some returned to “normal civilization” and some did not.


As per background: Rumi was part of the civilization that reasoned in these kinds of ways. The civilization was a hodgepodge of cultures and religions arising from desperate refugees driven out of their lands by the Mongols and the witness to horrendous atrocities therein.

How about us, the smart and enlightened know it alls, imposing contrived synthetic culture on the entire planet? How about our homeless?…Medicate them and try to get them to naturalize into the unnatural systems that fit perverted and diseased psyche like a glove and are driving the planetary ecosystem off a cliff? The take-home is that perhaps they are where they are because they are the healthiest of us all!


[1] A Confined Animal Feeding Operation is an ultra efficient (by our systems infrastructure ands desired waste) way to produce meat. You go with an assumption that life is simply about survival (food water and shelter). You provide these things in a way that super accelerate the development of muscle mass using pharmaceutical drugs both to further accelerate bulking through hormone manipulation and to keep them alive when dysfunctional digestive or other systems suffer. It is most basically, manipulating a synthetic environment for egalitarian and capitalistic ends under assumptions that physical survival is the baseline of quality of life. It fits the assumptions of the “foundations of modern biology” in that life is described by chemical and electrical process.

Empowered Minds for a better world

Part 1: Grassroots Science: The investigation of assumptions

ameri racism

I have lived in two very different regions of the world that later experienced genocide perpetuated by former policies of imperialism. A shared mountain region of Rwanda and Uganda is one of them. At age 20, I stood on the precipice of a small crater in the shadow of the Mountain Muhabura–the one that guides—hearing of the day-walk to the mountain’s crater lake paradise and the jungles and mountain gorillas along the way. Age old understanding says these crater lakes are the true source of the Nile and of the great Lake Victoria far below. We would not travel that day’s-walk to the crater due to the class warfare that had driven armed Tutsi refugees into the same mountains. Seven months later, nearly 1 million people would die in 3 short months in the impassioned reaction to cultural domination established by Belgian imperialism 100 years prior on the assumption of a human evolutionary hierarchy.

Muhabura view

The seeds of racism, classism, and elitism may be innately interwoven deep in the foundations of modern science. Forgotten in the fabric of antiquity, they perpetuate a repeated inoculation of inequality through an altogether false assumption.

Let’s review the subliminal brick structure of former and modern perception of equality. Consider a quote from a high profile report on the roots of the Rwandan genocide of 1994[1]

 “…The Belgians set the stage for future conflict in Rwanda. Such was not their intent. They were not implementing a “divide and rule” strategy so much as they were just putting into effect the racist convictions common to most early twentieth century Europeans. They believed Tutsi[2], Hutu[3], and Twa[4] were three distinct, long-existent and internally coherent blocks of people, the local representatives of three major population groups, the Ethiopid, Bantu and Pygmoid. Unclear whether these were races, tribes, or language groups, the Europeans were nonetheless certain that the Tutsi were superior to the Hutu and the Hutu superior to the Twa—just as they knew themselves to be superior to all three. Because Europeans thought that the Tutsi looked more like themselves than did other Rwandans, they found it reasonable to suppose them closer to Europeans in the evolutionary hierarchy and hence closer to them in ability. Believing the Tutsi to be more capable, they found it logical for the Tutsi to rule Hutu and Twa just as it was reasonable for Europeans to rule Africans…” 


Jump back into the caldron of history while considering the former quote. The world was a bustle in the philosophical, social, and scientific ambition of the 1800’s. Mid-century, intrigue in the belief system of atheism was finally catalyzed with a theoretical basis to explain origins of life and species. It and its more palatable cousin secularism would henceforth dominate science, politics, and increasingly, also society. Charles Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species” was published in 1859. Within 10 years his thesis was accepted as fact by “the greater scientific community” and much of the educationally privileged public[5]—a thinly veiled reference to western society’s upper-classes—ten short years indeed!…before long-distance-communication was established and long before internet empowered collaboration, and at a time when most of the world was illiterate with no access to these types of education. Western society’s upper classes took an unproven hypothesis and thrust it to the mainstream and the core of life-science and public policy before the print had dried. Europe leaped into invigorated action to reshape the entire world around a supercharged assumption of ‘right-of-dominion’ and, perhaps to some extent, an egalitarian empathy for the “less fortunate”. Their man had nailed it. Humans had evolved by a series of statistical anomalies from the lower species and eventually from African apes. The icing on the cake was that some fine culture was naturally the pinnacle of humankind. Friedrich Nietzsche “was a German philologist, philosopher, cultural critic, poet and composer”[6] He was 14 years old, born into middle class European privilege[7], when atheism and evolution from lower species assumptions came into vogue.

Nietzsche assumed the “modern assumptions” and drew conclusions from his privileged Euro-centric perspective. The natural assumption: those in affluence and with power were superior humans and should seek to fulfill their potential as Übermensch[8]. Later dubbed “the white man’s burden”, subjugation of minions, he believed, was proper for societal good and ethically proper. The position of affluence and dominion, he believed, was proof of the right to rule and a manifestation of superiority. This clearly references foundational beliefs of evolutionary hierarchy that would later surface radically in fascism, communism, and more sublimely in the manipulation of educational material the world over. Subjugation for egalitarian good was the name of the game, while mass pain and suffering has been the repeated result.

stalin and hitler

Fast forward to 2014. Astoundingly, while a great many brilliant philosophers are left out for lack of space, mandatory coursework of nearly every university requires the study of Nietzschean philosophy. Also interesting is the fact that predicted discoveries proving human origination in Africa, debatably, have not surfaced in a compelling form. Various skeletal remains of species and types of apes and monkeys have been discovered and conveniently classified to indicate substance. However, the differences of these from existing species pale in comparison to the variety existent in canines. Mathematical impossibilities surfaced and were countered with an extension of the “evolutionary clock” out essentially to time infinity. Empirical evidence for human evolution from “lower” species, though possible if the theory is correct, never surfaced. If it did, it would revive age old ideas of racial superiority. On the other hand, with time infinity as the scope of the potential clock, empirical evidence to disprove or to formulate any sort of compelling test is likewise impossible. Statistically well over half the world remains uncertain at best. What is unknown but militantly maintained as the necessary default position is less important that what is known. What has surfaced is the understanding that life including species, race, and characteristic to the minutest detail is contained in code similar in theory to a computer programing or 3-D printer input. Such code is contained in every cell, of the billions, in any creature including humans and it dictates an essential description and mechanism sufficient to reproduce an exact duplicate of the entire creature. The code goes so far as to adapt to environment in real time, not necessarily affecting the individual, but instead forthcoming offspring. Molecular level encoding similar to a massively advanced computer program code able to adjust itself in real time does not support the default theories, therefore, the theories are adjusted in real time to fit any new understandings and to maintain non-disprovability. Scientific understandings have come a long way to continue dwelling in scientific antiquity of atheistic materialist assumptions. Are those assumptions encapsulating a poison in the foundation for the modern perception of reality? What is so holy in atheist materialist theories that, having misled world society for generations in the era of the ultimate human arrogance and the destruction of the planet, we need to foot their human and planetary rights debt for another generation?


There will always be struggles for power, as there will be humility and arrogance. Beyond nature, if  traction were given to the belief that evolutionary hierarchy existed, could it be used to breed subliminal presumption through prescribed education?  Conclusions of racial, tribal, or national superiority are natural to man, but not their amplification due to the perception of scientific justification? Religion at times claims the right of dominion in the earth for humankind and in some cases of one group over another. Does our allowance for outdated science do the same? What if we taught a school of philosophical thought that that the pinnacle cultures of human evolution should rule and subjugate the lower average populous for everyone’s benefit? Fast forward past the obvious effect on Nazi Germany to the latent effect on society in 2014. Though unspoken, does a scent of this perversion exist in the world politic? Does an honest reading of modern evolutionary theories suggest the same conclusions that led to Nietzsche’s justification for inequality and subjugation, Nazi atrocities, communism, and right to manipulate education and media? Are a majority of the world treated as minions and in fact programmed to behave as such? The answer is yes, yes, and yes. Will the abolishment of “poverty” and ushering in of a massive middle-class and a slightly larger ruling elite–as is the current aim in official humanitarian and economic policy–change this dynamic? Apart from the fact that the world ecosystem is on the verge of collapse and a financially equal middle class is simply the exchange of one type of poverty for another of greater dependence and subjugation, no, it simply perpetuates and solidifies inequality and classism–the 21st century caste system if you will.

Are we ready to surface and analyze spores inoculating a pseudo-ethic that justifies in-equality of authority and power? The suggestion is not that the standard populous believe in racial superiority, nevertheless, a massive logical disconnect exists. Additionally, the facts on the ground in the world politic show this assumption clearly in higher circles of power. The militancy with which such outdated theories are upheld as indispensable and foundational to science and the universal pseudo-indoctrination with Nietzschean philosophy further substantiates an engineered division of humanity into classes. It is as if the subliminal message is maintained with doors open to the rise and embrace of “super-humans” while the populace lives clouded in confusion and pre-occupied self deception. By Nietzschean theory, a part of the subjugation is in the rightfulness of information disconnect leading the “underlying minion populous” to grow into a self-deceiving contentment and celebration of helplessness and self-pity as they serve the whim of the Übermensch. By grassroots philosophy it is just the opposite. Nietzschean philosophy is a pathetic attempt for arrogant parasitic humankind to justify their evil as good and proper so that they can celebrate themselves in self deceived glory like dung as a rose. With this type of system, the world struggles to find sufficiency, and it is never enough, erupting over and over into every new version of class warfare.

Coming to grips with the incongruence is the task at hand. What should go? the assumption of a collection of fluid non-disprovable theories no closer to proven after 150 years than when first postulated, which have led to the most comprehensive and disastrous human arrogance the planet has ever know? Or, discard the ethics of human equality and earths dignity? Such stark choices, may seem inappropriate to some. But playing games of deception is not the way forward, rather dignity in humble reverence to our place in ecology while building open societies based on knowledge and wisdom are.

Racism, Classism, and elitism are interwoven into the discrete unspoken foundations of modern science. It is time to clean house and discard pretense in science. Can 2015 be the year that convinced a humbled humankind to subjugate their systems to universal realities? Can it be the year when knowledge came out of the closet? It is time to dust off the toxic euro-centric residue and empower the grassroots diversified science of the 21st century.  Mountain Muhabura is called the guide and in such represents the need for nature and biology to lead us out of the fog and up over the cloud line to find our symbiotic future!


Grassroots Conclusions:

  1. Evolution as a “systematic increase in functional complexity” has never been proven or observed in the higher species. Rather it is a multifaceted fluid response to environment that is up down and horizontal as the need presents itself.
  2. Evolution, though factual as a synonym for adaptation in describing the fluidity of change within a species, does not appear to be a valid mechanism for the origin of higher species. Presumptions to the contrary are antiquated relics of past unproven assumption, accepted and believed too quickly and relinquished to slowly by the academic world.
  3. Our new ‘grassroots diversified science’ default is HUMILITY. Elaborating, it can be coupled to an awe inspired view of nature’s apparent design and impeccable organization and near perfect functionality. Empirical scientific facts are streaming before us that life comes only from other life and that the higher species seem to be locked within semi-immutable boundaries of diverse equality.
  4. Evolution as increase in functional complexity–by definition–encouraged racism and justified inequality. Empirical evidence does not support any evolutionary increase in functional complexity in the higher species and specifically humankind. Why? Good question, and yet unanswered empirically.
  5. The residues of Nietzschean theory appear to exist in modern power structures. Understanding this will help to in formulating strategy to subvert further manipulations of economy, media, education, and politic to perpetuate the notion. Grassroots society worthy of 2015 must never accept systemic notions of inequality.


[1] http://www.hrw.org/reports/1999/rwanda/Geno1-3-09.htm

[2] A taller, lighter, and redder skinned subset within the native population of the same but newly diversifying gene pool

[3] The more deeply muscular and darker skinned subset within the native population of the same but newly diversifying gene pool

[4] A small distinct population of hunter gathers, and the primary component of Ruanda’s indigenous forest dwelling population

[5] “Darwin published his theory of evolution with compelling evidence in his 1859 book On the Origin of Species, overcoming scientific rejection of earlier concepts of transmutation of species.[5][6] By the 1870s the scientific community and much of the general public had accepted evolution as a fact.” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Darwin

[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Nietzsche

[7] “…Nietzsche attended a boys’ school and then, later, a private school, where he became friends with Gustav Krug, Rudolf Wagner, and Wilhelm Pinder, all of whom came from highly respected families…”  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Friedrich_Nietzsche#Youth_.281844.E2.80.9369.29

[8] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C3%9Cbermensch

Empowered Democracy for a better world

“Education is the platform that allows any democratic society to flourish”-unknown origin

Capitalist-democracy has supplanted representative-democracy. Any political system can and will be manipulated if not properly maintained through wise and careful stewardship. The degradation will degrade the empowerment of society while transferring such empowerment to the benefactors. Nietzsche may have sanctioned such an effect, but modern man cannot. Democratic society is not an end in itself, rather it is a basic concept of equity. It must be tweaked to transfer the best of societal wisdom, integrity of character, and knowledge to leadership (representative-democracy). Its devolution is to representation by placeholders of wealth/power (synonyms of sorts) which I am calling capitalist-democracy. Put another way, they right to rule is assumed based on wealth and existing power, not by brilliance and strength of character. The glory of people-power is in societies fairly represented transfer of authority to the wisest and most respectable members of society. In the USA democracy has degraded to an understanding that the politicians are societies scoundrels and cheats, in power due to wealth or support by wealth, and if they are not, the corruption underlying the system will corrupt or depower them in short order. Though there are great individuals in public service, the accepted mathematical mean for politicians is dishonesty and a complete lack of integrity, and it is this that we get as a fruit of the system.

Motivation for diverse and deep education is driven societally. Our system ofrepresentation, primed by the democratic process must function to thrust the wisdom, integrity, and education of society to leadership. The societally imposed drive for diversified knowledge and deep integrity of character lack pizzazz under systems that fail to reward for such attainment while promoting for vise. In short, we must win on two fronts simultaneously to win on education overall, and in winning we will achieve the fruit of wisdom plucked by all from the tree of governance–empowered democracy!

Empowered Conscience for a better world

The ultimate answers to sustainable society are in balance and moderation but you cannot balance and moderate systemic corruption, blatant inequality, and entrenched judicio-corporate racketeering. In populous ruled civilization, those are society’s issues and they are addressed by the multiplicative effects of empowered conscience and accompanying action. The latter is a phrase describing humble activism as an unavoidable effect of integrity of character.

photo 1

Key words of the Revolution:

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What happened to the hippies? (discussion of a cartoon)

hippie cartoon

Brady AE Hippies and their generation started a revolution then turned full circle and nearly destroyed the planet and society as a whole. We were born into their mess and strangely can still find the humility to learn some things from them. Take the good and leave the bad, the world needs a morphed hippie that shys from drugs, excess, and show boatin sexuality for moderation while staying radical when it really counts.

George Kamp Nearly destroyed the planet? You are confusing the hippies with the GOP, and that is a hard thing to do!

Brady AE Think deeply and you will understand what is below the surface. The leading forces manipulated the energy toward full scale planetary plunder starting in the 80′ when the hippies coming of age were actually in position to galvanize or destroy the progress made by their activism.

Brady AE At the time the young and intermediate families began to converse about the loss of their own retirement as SS was earmarked for multiple extra uses. Word on the street was no retirement for baby boomers. The fear was manipulated to facilitate the corporate and investment income related coming of age that we see today turning a blind eye and making every effort to hide the absolute planetary carnage wrought to give the plush retirement that we see today.

Brady AE What we have rather than simply a global elite is a manipulative global elite uncomfortably in bed with the middle and upper middle class. The success of one so different from the success of the other yet inseparable in source of funding and “survival”. To destroy the system the world is actually waiting for the passing on of such a behemoth of vested interest in planetary plunder with the hopes that the youngers inheriting the eldership will not allow himself to be so bought out and reliant on planetary parasitism for their prosperity. Lower middle class to poor are actually held powerless by democracy due to the shear numbers of mass vested interests lacking an overriding conscience.