Why shouldn’t we expect honor and integrity of officials?


“Officers are often serving in a dangerous job and many are tragically injured or killed every year.” Good point; all people no matter their dress or position are equal as lives, for who are we to judge.

That said, there is never mercy when an officer is killed. But there is gracious mercy when an officer kills or injures unnecessarily. There are a lot of things tough in the world, and not much that is not.

Honor (1)

Every reckless death or inflicted injury by an officer anywhere is a big deal, bigger in some ways than the injury or death of an officer in the line of duty, because the nature of police work is to seek out and intervene in crime, whereas the common folk are simply living their lives with a different set of variables. When police barge in on common lives and inflict pain and suffering it is exceptional. Arrogance toward police is not an excuse to inflict harm; it is the pill they must swallow. Humility toward our fellow man is equally superior whether we are police or other, and arrogance is equally trash whether from police or other. We have not imbued police with the right to punish arrogance. Similarly, we have not the right to punish the arrogance of police, though it should usually result in quick and natural dismissal. The humble and honorable officer is the only one fit to police a free nation of liberty.

So what should we see when a humble and honorable man inflicts pain and suffering wrongfully on another citizen? Expect the man or woman to stand forward transparently and demand the harshest critique and the harshest consequences that would be expected by the same act in any of the subjects they are there to protect. If not, what should the officer expect? They should expect dishonor and a harsh and ruthless trial followed by the same or stricter judgment and consequence as for any citizen. Anything less will diminish the honor of all police. The officer who would do that is a coward and a disgrace, while fellow officers, superiors or courts who would aid or encourage that are short sighted and ignorant, serving to destroy the capacity of united states police forces to walk with dignity and natural respect of thankful citizenry. Every life is equally value regardless of the garb, culture, or color. Not a knee in the back, not a broken tooth, not a bruise shall be inflicted on the innocent citizen walking in their liberty. Then police will have the easy job and predominant public support. Mistakes demand deep humility and reticence to suffer for the wrong that was inflicted; without it, police are just another set of goons in our lives who act both to protect and to harm while ultimately protecting themselves. Respect comes through honor and integrity of action in the most difficult time. Every time they shirk it, they lose it, and it is hard to regain.

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Deep knowledge in local environment when collectivized in community knows what others can only presume and does what others only consider.


It isn’t that truth does not exist; it is simply that our perspective is so narrow at its widest angle that our mosaic of understanding and all that we know will always be part and portion of reality and deep understanding.

An aspect of wisdom is to be sure in what your heart, mind, and soul is behind in faith and confidence. All other is supporting presumption. In fact what you know is also presumption, but while open to all challenge as long as mind, heart, soul are engaged and convinced go with what you know! The one who knows nothing accomplishes very little. It’s like considering an adventure trip of discovery. If you do not go in faith you will not go, or at least you will not go with liberty of soul. I “know” things that you understand to be presumption. None of us can establish anything substantial as fact.

What is Truth?  Truth by definition exists independent of opinion or knowledge. Truth is an abstract reality that is none the less real; anyone knowing or not is irrelevant to the fact. It is abstract and even sublime in that truth comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes truth is different according to perspective or individual, at other times it is universal. Most truth is not known, and the bulk of the rest is difficult for creatures to ever know for sure. The Sufi mystics questioned the reality of the material world. The question is valid, but the result may not be. Natural law imides faith in the reality of the material world for definite reasons; the material world is real by effect and service. Material may not actually have a surface in the material sense; what an enigma. The hard surface of material is not defined materially. It is thought to be defined through electromagnetic energy, though that is an open question. It could be argued that it is an irrelevant question. The effect and service of material is our reality and arguably the relevant truth. This is where sublime truth is a matter of perspective while nonetheless true.

Statistics are true, but always slightly less than their claim. They are true generalities that have no bearing on actual reality. They allow us to inadequately understand things—often improperly but conveniently—with confidence. This means, we want to know and understand our surroundings and how they are affecting or will affect ourselves and others. Statistics gives us confidence of understanding, but not understanding. It gives us general predictability but not predictability. Arguably a large enough data set can describe the organism of humanity—for example—just not the individual. The human lifespan is perhaps, baring accident, early onset illness or significantly impure environment, usually 70 to 90 years across the globe but sometimes 10 to 160 years more or less. Statistics can predict probability probably; but the actual individual can just as easily be an outlier as an inlier defined not by the data set but by the individual particulars and with zero margin for error. Therefore, statistics speaks not to the reality, but to the generality. Another major constraint of statistics is the dis-acknowledgment of sublime factors such as universally imbedded pushers, spiritual effects, karma, etc.

The usefulness of the topic (In drawing conclusions of mission strategy and steps):

Define the boundaries of presumptions that the tribe or council can accept. Make sure that all collective presumptions pass the test of rationality according to the local book of nature and the relevant data set including scientific, historical, and experiential data. The data set in 2015 is highly organized and accessible when those searching seek out all sides, critique, and belief. The local book of nature is seldom seriously read and properly interpreted in our era, though this trend is on the rise globally through the indigenous revolution.

Let the pushers and drivers of each particular, be those with a passionate drive girded with practical and rational understanding of the presumption. To them, the presumption is “known” and so it must be. Our world functions in this manner. People act with integrity and long standing resolve only in what they “know.” The best way to quell revival is to inoculate uncertainty and the best way to do this is through propaganda. This is where a shallowly knowledgeable populous is vulnerable to control through “experts”, statistical manipulation, and repetitive assertion; and where a deeply knowledgeable public is not. Knowledge is not the statistical generalities or the instilled presumption that have been called research; it is the deep union with nature filled in with science, history, and experience; that then, digested and internalized through a lively existence in the relevant environment with plenty of time in meditative consideration and reflection, and discussion with community. Deep knowledge in local environment when collectivized in community knows what others can only presume and does what others only consider.

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Stewardship: The Greater Mission of Humanity

P1030814“…those limiting their views and considerations to measurable secularism will tend to be the last to perceive the innate implication of an egalitarian purpose to existence…” suymbioticfuture~2015

Stewardship is a powerful return to the original and eternal calling of human existence. It is a calling echoed and reverberating in the soul of all humanity and all faith even to some degree in modern day secularist dominated science. “Secular: denoting attitudes, activities, or other things that have no religious or spiritual basis…” (Standard online definition) It comes from the Latin word saecular—generation or age—it implies a truncation or delimiting separation. In such, it enables simplified scientific study but not a true representation of the holistic reality. If you hope to isolate a measurable reality, the standard method is to remove factors of non-consideration to measure an individual aspect and its affect. The limitation is that biology innately contains symbiotic effect and separation from the whole inevitably changes the effect in an immeasurable way. In a near perfect world where we fall far short of perfection, it is a factored inaccuracy. The second and more serious point of issue is that our secular delimitation can give us a deluded assumption that we are representing the whole reality and this effect, as we often see, can be accentuated over time. Secular Science should be considered as a base tool that we take care to understand as the artificial reality that it is.

“…our secular delimitation can give us a deluded assumption that we are representing the whole reality…” symbioticfuture~2015

old growth

With the long winded explanation, it should be clear why those limiting their views and considerations to measurable secularism will tend to be the last to perceive and innate implication of an egalitarian purpose to existence much less the intrinsic mission of stewardship. In fact by the secular viewpoint and within the boxed in reality, such is either impossible or not a worthy considerable. I suggest that it is the intrinsic and pervasive reality of our existence.

“…Does the limitation of our understanding or our communication negate the rationality of the reality?”  symbioticfuture~2015

Religious concept is to spiritual study and definition as the accepted diagram of the atom is to scientific definition. It is as mathematical method is to the physics and sublime spirituality it describes. It is as statistics, to the reality it inadequately and deceptively summarizes. It may even be likened to our view of an atom, which has no real material surface, though it serves us well to assume so due to the effect it provides and the reliable service it gives. The further from perception the concept, the more relevant is allegory and simile to explanation. Perhaps a well articulated scientist talking to his/her equal could at some time in the future describe the intricacies of an atom sufficiently without breaching accuracy. However; the grassroots diversity of humankind does not share a singular academic level or perspective. Spirituality to the deeply enlightened with broad terminology can reduce the allegory, but the concepts inevitably requires at least a series of defined examples to increase the understanding. Does the limitation of our understanding or our communication negate the rationality of the reality? Not at all, but it does leave a generationally renewed need for discovery that naturally, in many ways, guides mankind on the road to maturity in increasingly deep seated humility and reverence for nature.

Muhabura view

“…reality reduced is no longer reality…” symbioticfuture~2015

The formula combining math with statistical theory allows large numbers to be summarized by small, giving rise to statements like “one in every four will die of diabetes”. This is flat out presumption and unlikely to be true because reality reduced is no longer reality. Perhaps it is 4 in 4 plus 0 in 12 which reduces to 1 in 4. Perhaps this means that the 1 has a 1 in 1 chance of getting diabetes and the others have a 0 in 1 chance. Should the healthy living people assume they are in danger? Should the unhealthy person doing what leads to diabetes assume he has a 3 in 4 chance of not getting it if he continues? It is likewise allegorical, to give a certain perception of skewed reality that seems useful for a time. Rationality helps understand the difference from the actual.

We are told that we have a 1 in 10 chance of getting in a automobile accident. Perhaps this is also untrue. If you do a second statistic and you find how many people are hit by someone else while they are not at any fault, you can get a number—perhaps 1 in 1000—and you can refine that down with ‘level of care’, avoidance of dangerous times and situations, pre-planning a way out, quick reaction, constantly scanning and intense awareness, meditative or prayerful preparation, calm alertness, and simply driving as little as possible; bringing you to lottery jackpot equivalent numbers which relates to your chances of getting struck by lighting or a tree falling on your car while stuck in traffic. I made the specifics up, but reality is far different than we are led to believe. Add in the potential for karma, or prayers giving extra protection or even destiny whereby universal forces help get people through to a particular event; how about premonition and forewarning from dreams or others in community? Once you see that science, math, and statistics are artificial realities based on allegorical simile and that science as a method excludes consideration of sublime reality due to process constraints but has no authority or reasonable perspective to judge its scope or even rationalize its non-existence, the variables of our daily lives become quite undefined. This is the great and wonderful mystery of our existence. Revere nature and empathize with the people and creatures around you, and discover your mission!

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Greater Christian/Jewish/Muslim foundational faith allegory

Christian sermon type

“…The people were in the earth to both steward the earth and steward themselves in the prosperity of filling the human niche in ecology and vibrant community…” symbioticfuture~2015 

“…Stewardship was the mission of existence and still is…”  symbioticfuture~2015

Jonah informs today

End times prophesy

End times prophesy

Does not need to be fulfilled

Jonah and the prophesy he carried proves that (see appendix)

God gave us a garden metaphor of the future that was intended.

With the release of full bodied free choice evil would be ever present but not necessarily prominent

The people were in the earth to both steward the earth and steward themselves in the prosperity of filling the human niche in ecology and vibrant community

Stewardship was the mission of existence and still is.

Babel was a time when the prospering people multiplied in ambitions of materialist and egocentric pursuits

Therefore, they were contained and toppled from their high horse

People have far surpassed Babel today

In blind pointless ambition unrelated to the mission of humanity

With a collective ego that puts all other to shame

Even the ardent secularists are predicting us getting knocked off our high horse

As does prophesy

It does not have to be that way.

What does stewardship based humanity filling the earth mean?

It means humankind filling a symbiotic niche in the natural ecology

Causing the natural ecology to flourish and bounce back quicker and more completely from disaster

What does it mean when you combine this with the calling to steward oneself and work in community?

It means a holistic cohesive community with purpose interlaced across the world

A community of stewardship and thriving empathy driven communities

Networking for excellence across the globe

Creating natural biological prosperity that sustains all life and a vibrant existence for humanity.

Religion has spent more time off-track

And derailed, than on-track, over these past many thousands of years

Many thousands of years because…

We must acknowledge that the bare bones root faith did not begin with a message and a sacrifice

It began with the original mandate to be stewards and to fill the earth.

“…The people were in the earth to both steward the earth and steward themselves in the prosperity of filling the human niche in ecology and vibrant community…” symbioticfuture~2015


“…Stewardship was the mission of existence and still is…” symbioticfuture~2015


The prophet Jonah’s Experience

Jonah obediently carried the true and accurate prophesy of the LORD to the people of Nineveh

The people were struck to the heart by a word in season

They fell to the ground and writhed in the misery of severed conscience

They ripped their proud clothes and instead put on the humble burlap

Dropping dry ashes on their hair in simile to minerals and basic soil as their substance

Combined with water and the spirit of life they are… and need not be proud to be

Except for that, they do and act in greatness of purpose in terms relevant to the whole

Humility settled in

God forgave and prophesy changed

As is his right… the future is not written until it is experienced

Jonah misunderstood the concept of God

He misunderstood the concept of prophesy

Jonah was offended that the word he spoke

Though true when he spoke it did not come to pass

He was offended that prophesy did not mean will happen independent of the actions between now and then

He was offended that ‘God will destroy you’ turned out to mean ‘God will relent and prosper you’


What a blessed time to be alive!

Evolution is a distraction; adaptation is our reality!

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Stewardship Farm, Clatskanie, Oregon–2010

“…We are not becoming something, we are something that we simply need to learn how to properly be!” symbioticfuture~2015

Evolution is a distraction; adaptation is our reality and its relevance is diminished by the focus on nature becoming something. Nature is already something. It is a complete system which, though flexible, the data set shows to be complete and whole in every way. It is not something to mess around with believing it to be some evolving silly putty on large scale. It is holy and pure and we are subordinate to it unless we are fools. We people are not called upon by any but ourselves to evolve. We cannot evolve, we are simply people and need to learn to be people in the best possible way. Learn your natural man, it is what it is.

Nexus Pictures 2472

Stewardship Farm, Clatskanie, Oregon–2009

Currently with all our distractions we have perfected the worse possible way of embodying humanity. Sheep need to learn to be sheep not try to be humans, for they will never be humans! People need to live within the immensity or their own realm not the fantasy of make believe realms. Evolving is inconsistent with our reality. We need to learn our humanity.

Furthermore, though it is implied in our science and specifically in the recently discussed film “Origins” that Euro-centric brains are more evolved than tribal brains, this is lunacy. I have a neighbor that believes Chinese brains are “more evolved”. No, people are people. Science debunks the original implications of evolutionary theory that there is a hierarchy of humanity. Humans are humans and the best of us are the ones who know how to be human. We are not becoming something, we are something that we simply need to learn how to properly be!


Do drawings make reality?

Hedgerow farming re-enter stage left

hedgerow farming 3

Hedgerows if established and tied in right during the first few years of establishment make highly effective living fences. They also provide hugely important habitat for all manner of creatures, mycorrhizal permanence, insect balance, and multi-seasonal nectar flow for bees and other pollinators. Harvest of hedgerows is seen in increased quantity and quality of honey, multi-variety and seasonal berry harvest, fruit, teas and wild greens, and even with some innovation, biomass for farm or home energy.

Agroecology & Permaculture

“…the holistic interaction of society with environment symbiotically thriving by balanced natural efficiency that is optimized by intelligent design, appropriate technologies, and techniques that achieve net increase and vitality without inflicting net harm…” sumbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming 2 Fields of large size with broad clear borders provide an efficiency factor for machinery maneuvering and obvious cut for chemical farming. Between 1950 and 2000 this was an obvious fit for the prominent agricultural model. Sadly that agricultural model was one based on massive unseen support by fossil fuels to the extent of 10 calories in oil required to produce 1 calorie in low nutrient density food (Scientific American 2011[1]). Yes that is literally, farming and industry working hard and with great pride of accomplishment to net a 1000% loss in overall resource.  Essentially, that is an achievement made on the backs of people and non-renewable resource that will not be available to our children. Where the unseen, often unspoken, loss in efficiency occurs is in the methodology of countering all the natural flows, cycles and phenomenon with strict and absolute control through liberal use of poisons, and several levels of brute force. If you have not figured it out yet that style of farming is on the way out. As with so many things in 2015, the technologies have matured and only await the perceived necessity to be put into wide spread use. A fringe outlet that takes in a small percentage of diverse naturally efficient techniques in agriculture is “Organic”, named for the hallmark goal of working symbiotically with the soil Carbon cycles or “natural organic soil chemistry”.

“…Stewardship is the deliberate nurturing care of what one feels responsible for…” symbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming Organic agriculture touches the tip of the iceberg of efficient food, fiber, and biomass production. A broader and more holistic field is that of Agroecology, the techniques and angles of which won’t fit in libraries. Agroecology is akin to ‘permaculture’ or ‘the holistic interaction of society with environment symbiotically thriving by balanced natural efficiency that is optimized by intelligent design, appropriate technologies, and techniques that achieve net increase and vitality without inflicting net harm.’ Agroecology and permaculture fit nicely into two books; the book of nature coupled to the book of natural stewardship based human culture. Stewardship is the deliberate nurturing care of what one feels responsible for. When entire cultures feel that shared responsibility, only then can the science of agroecology be internalized and grow to maturity. So broad, wide, and diverse are the applications of this artistic-craftsmanship-science that it is and can only be a generationally unfolding attainment of local society building on the local reading of nature unique to the specific bioregion. In other words: ‘Mature, agroecology is the successful achievement of generationally increasing acumen in society for symbiotic relationship to other life systems and natural ebb and flow.’

“…Mature, agroecology is the successful achievement of generationally increasing acumen in society for symbiotic relationship to other life systems and natural ebb and flow…” symbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming 1

What is gained in increased field size is lost in diversity of crop rotation, exponentially increasing pest pressures, and in the expulsion of all the other creatures and life that give our ecosystem resilience, beauty, and functionality. Permaculture showcases food forests and multistory perennial cropping like the cork oak savannahs and various adaptations. Some crops lend themselves to field production. Fossil fuel/chemical style agriculture pushed out the diversity in some cases for thousands of acres. Now farming has come of age. You could say that Fossil fuel/chemical agriculture was the teenage phase, sort of the prodigal son showing his ignorance so he could understand himself.  Well, no more excuses the truth is obvious, that type of farming will run us all off a cliff. The beauty and functionality of the hedgerow may now return!

[1] http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/plugged-in/2011/08/11/10-calories-in-1-calorie-out-the-energy-we-spend-on-food/

Liberty calls sexuality back into the closet

Nexus Pictures 2385

“…Biologists, and “boomers” put your dam “survival” and “sexuality” based existence myth back in the closet and learn that people live for the entire depth of existence!…” symbioticfuture~2015

These old photos showcase an unintended consequence of the evolution of male homosexuality to open normality. Not long ago, before the showcasing and reverent concern for male to male sexuality, a freedom of innocent and unconcerned intimacy existed for all while all sexuality was fairly well private.

Now a majority are constrained culturally while the naturally deviant minority do indeed seem liberated. Is it natural for deviant sexuality to be publicly lauded as normal? Is there a way to recapture innocent intimacy devoid of sexuality?

Is it, perhaps, more natural and socially healthy for the fairly rare anomaly of male to male sexuality to fall back as a, sort of forgotten thread in the rope of reality? To each their own, of course, but I dream of the day all sexuality will culturally go back into the closet of privacy and less spoken understoods. I would embrace the situation where all people could interact without innuendo or implication.

I lived briefly in Uganda, East Africa at a time when non-Africans were nearly non-existent. Even in the large city of Kampala, I went in and out of the crowds for weeks before seeing another foreigner. At that time the pure unconcerned intimacy of men was a shocker, and sadly so. Men commonly walked the streets hand in hand, or just sat holding hands and enjoying time together in the beauty of friendship.

My friend once took my hand tightly as we walked down the crowded streets of Kampala, even swinging my arm with his accompanied by glee and a beaming smile. At first, all I could feel was my discomfort until I forced my point of reference back to Africa where male relationships were not about sexuality. Innocence and heart expression flowed freely and I learned a great deal about what it feels like to be free and straight at the same time. Intimacy in simple relationships should flow naturally without implication or innuendo. In natural culturally guided society life does not revolve around sexuality, but living life is the main component of existence in its own right. Biologists, and ‘boomers’ put your dam “survival and sexuality” based existence myth back in the closet and learn that people live for the entire depth of existence! Is sexuality sacred? I think it absolutely is. So, lets keep it that way and thereby enrich both nonsexual and sexual relationships while inoculating the spores of freedom of expression and friendship.

Grassroots Science and then some…

Nexus Pictures 397

“…In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015…”

Grassroots science is that which incorporates knowns and understoods with wide view perspective, local wisdom, logic, and reason. It shies from presumptions of spontaneous generation and evolution of origins in vials of presumptuous declaration to prehistory and time infinity. Grassroots science lives not in the postulates of presumption but rather in real time known’s and in your face lessons of a natural world that is alive and ready to teach all of us the basics of our existence. It lives in the reverence and mentorship of the natural world and subordinance there under.


Sheep are assumed to be dumb by presumption when in fact they are “sheep smart” and to be otherwise would be foolish…revere nature and be humble!

We cannot adequately describe life. We do not know how life began. In fact, we don’t even have the slightest clue. We don’t know origins of humanity for sure either, but dominant biologists give the warmth of the huddle to an assumption of evolution from apes, following a time infinite evolution from original spontaneous generation from unknowns. Most of humanity doesn’t fully agree, but those same dominant biologists will have no other assumptions admitted to the table even for discussion. That is tragic as we can see in the effect of presumption that is destroying the planet through irreverence of a system with apparent design and a level of intricacy millennia ahead of our greatest technological achievements.

If your little brother believed the finely tuned Maserati were the result of a series of rough garage parties, he would be tempted to go at his alterations in a way that would cause irreversible damage. Modern day science has plenty of those little brothers and insufficient regulation and almost none of the reverent cultural pause embodied in wisdom.

Considering the evolution of life over time infinity after spontaneous generation from unknowns to be the only plausible conclusion makes sense if we assume it plausible that all things are strictly limited to the material and energy, devoid of any greater depth of living reality. Such an assumption is not plausible, while an acknowledgement of apparent design is. Mathematically, current theories embody the miraculous while secular materialist theory denies possibility of miracle. From two perspectives, all is miracle and nothing is miraculous and life only comes from life as was discovered by Louis Pasteur in response to the foolish microbial assumptions of “spontaneous generation” in 1862.[1] In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015. 


Glossary of philosophical and descriptive terms of thought and understanding:

Theist: belief that a form of at least one spiritual deity exists[2]

Religious: Basically this misused and misunderstood often vilified word means; reverent to a system of belief.

Demiurge[3] The ancient assumption of; “A powerful creative force or personality[4], it represents a life force such as God, gods, intelligently creative energy or force… In biology, “Intelligent design” or “design characteristics” are contrived phrases to give balanced representation of belief but run into trouble due to the inference of life or intelligence originating the biological phenomenon that is emphatically presumed to be meaningless beyond the scientific explanations of a statistically impossible but accepted mechanism of origination.

God/god/gods: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. From the ambiguity comes a need for each to define specific belief: ‘My god is…’—often in attempts to trump others version of belief, and/or to give a more specific detail. ‘To me god is…’ is a common euphemism. The word is generally losing popularity.

Note: When objects or creatures are used as “gods” the definition is “a material focal point that facilitates spiritual worship or reverence for unseen spiritual elements.”

Deity: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. Definitions based on misconception or arrogance are common but irrelevant.

Spirit: A conscious and living—strength, force, energy or other—that cannot be defined materially

Atheism: The denial of the reality of any deity or non-material but conscious entity

Note: A less extreme form of atheism would be not to deny the existence of the spiritual, but to remove any assumption of authority creative attribute or natural place of directive in such.

Agnostic: Usually non-committal acceptance of un-know-ability leading to a decision to not commit to belief for the time being. It is generally based on the idea that if it cannot be proved empirically it cannot be known. Usually, this assumption is limited to spiritual questions, but some take it to extremes of the non-acceptance of the existence of self or matter.

Gnostic: Multi-religious belief, minimalizing concern for material existence and focusing on spiritual existence: traditionally, “adherents shunned the material world understood to be created by the demiurge[5]and embraced the spiritual world.”[6]

Spiritual: Basically open and attune to a reality or perceived reality beyond the material

Biogenesis: A theory based on the empirical demonstration that life originates from life and that there is no empirical experiment showing otherwise.

Spontaneous generation: The presumption of a phenomenon where lifeless matter spontaneously becomes life. The original theory was debunked, but later accepted with a clausal assumption that infinite time begets life. The latter assumption is impossible to debunk empirically.


[1] “…Pasteur was responsible for crushing the doctrine ofspontaneous generation. He performed experiments that showed that without contamination, microorganisms could not develop. Under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences, he demonstrated that in sterilized and sealed flasks nothing ever developed, and in sterilized but open flasks microorganism could grow. This experiment won him the Alhumbert Prize of the academy…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Pasteur

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theism

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demiurge

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[5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demiurge

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