Empowering the Revolution

Agroecology as the Holistic Ecology of People and Planet

Resources were wrongly defined by the past several generations of our leaders and prominent men and women. What we have been led to see as resources for our prosperity are … Continue reading

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Poverty, Bill and Melinda Gates Ignorance, Davos 2015, and Big Money Has a Plan!

Caution! This is a MAD AS HELL post. Poverty has been a rallying cry for developers, Multinational Investment, and top down control to monetize the developing nations “for their good”. … Continue reading

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Agroecology vs. Antibiotic Resistance plus real answers of Grassroots Gumption

All photos are in Clatskanie, Oregon. The Sheep pictures were on Stewardship Farm and the Cattle on River Run Farm, a supplier for the first conclusive fats profile testing done … Continue reading

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Roy Sesana – First People of the Kalahari, Botswana ~ 2005

“My name is Roy Sesana; I am a Gana Bushman from the Kalahari in what is now called Botswana. In my language, my name is ‘Tobee’¬†and our land is ‘T//amm’. … Continue reading

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Creating food democracy in a hostile system

Recently, I responded in a forum on the struggle of organic certification to keep up with the growth of the market. Someone was asking how we can regroup on certification … Continue reading

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Voting Rights Extended to age 13…(super short)

I said shockingly: “Let’s now move for the full voting rights down to age 13.” I mean it and can support it. In short form, following is a key concept … Continue reading

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Intro to the Pocket Revolution and non-disruptive activism

The Pocket Revolution Demystified “Pocket revolution takes no great risk, but mediates the risks we already face. It does not complicate or confuse, but rather deconstructs the complexity to find … Continue reading

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