The end of an age that will not be missed…

A British merchant being carried by a Sikkimese woman. West Bengal, ca. 1903.I am not hip on cultivating a society based on independence from our neighbors in place of interdependence.

I trust my neighbor who I can see each day or week more than bureaucracy and I choose to depend on nature with intrinsic implications of the creator and design, and simple folk in the common adventure of life, not systems of orchestrated manipulation by for profit corporations and power seekers called politicians. That is why functional and beneficial democracy is inseparable from social organization based on commons and cooperation and diametrically apposed to systems of disconnected top down power structure and anything but the simplest of non-local management. That is why ownership of lands and resources is not legitimate unless local, needs based in scale and interwoven seamlessly with stewardship. The current forms of resource and land ownership are no more legitimate than they are acceptable and will pass with this failed consumerism anti-culture. The forms of capitalism practiced in our day are similarly contrary to free market economy and human and whole system benefit, therefore modern capitalism is also an illegitimate imposter of free market wrapped in severe and immeasurable criminality.

Solutions are not difficult for younger generations, they are only difficult in the presence of powerful preservationist pensioners who spent lifetimes designing a system for their retirement that would exceed the grandeur of their parents and who consider the yoke and tax upon the natural world and the younger generations as an entitlement well earned through their sweat and hard work. What they do not perceive is that they worked for the system prescribed to them, creating massive wealth for a privileged few for a retirement kickback in return and this in no way entitles them to any ounce of nature, lands, or younger generations. There is no entitlement. Those who promised it did not own it and have no right to give. They are a masquerade, a façade of something that falls as a house of cards in the face of the revolution of conscience. The knowledge and conscience revolution changes everything.

Take heed elders, you are entitled to nothing material but instead relationships you have cultivated, respect, personal care recipricated by those who you have loved, and an ear stretched to hear any legitimate wisdom you may have collected upon the road of life. Your elderly sustenance legitimately comes not from your financial investments, but from your care of personal health, the environment, and your care of the younger people around you. I hope you have invested wisely; fare well.

Wild Volcanic northern Carpathia

Rainbows a distraction of little consequense…

Rainbows don’t actually mean gay, they are just rainbows and light spectrums. Gay doesn’t even actually mean gay anymore. It means something private and a little off in a time when almost everything is off. Our time in history can be consumed with a focus on distractions and causes of non-consequence. To me pretending like “gay-rights” is an important cause is silly. Human rights are important and should not delve into the details of one’s sexuality.

I love people in general. I am not anxious to judge others or to pass laws on things like this. I love people independent of their sexuality and I don’t think it is right to group them by what they do in secret and like or dislike people based on those kinds of things. I am one who does not care what any country or community decides on this. It is a local issue not a human right. It simply is not black and white. I want the frenzy to pass so we can get back to the real problems and wonders and beauty that are all around us and learn to live together with our friends, family, and neighbors.

Ramadan blessing, Pope Francis and the de-secularization of thought

carpathian-mountains Hunish area

An indigenous natural perspective on fasting and dua (blessing):

In the name of the one who created and designed all that we know in this majestic world:

Ramadan is for the spiritual calibration of actionable positive reality in a large swath of humanity—the worlds Muslims. It is time for Islam to voice by a billion strong populous a common message to humanity toward the knowledge and conscience revolution that is now budding in the shadows of our modern materialist culture failure.

May this month be embraced with meditative focus and a vivid hearing of the whispers that reverberate from Allah through the ecology of the planet. May the plumb line be laid upon our souls this summer for a righting of cultures and individuals with rational reality and reverence for the common ecology created to sustain, invigorate, and inspire us and all life and creatures in a common home.

Pope Francis has finally initiated the de- secularization of the pressing issues of our day. ON THE CARE OF OUR COMMON HOME begins with a message that is vibrantly universal to commonality of faith:

  1. “Laudato si’, mi’ Signore” – “Praise be to you, my Lord”. In the words of this beautiful canticle, Saint Francis of Assisi reminds us that our common home is like a sister with whom we share our life and a beautiful mother who opens her arms to embrace us. “Praise be to you, my Lord, through our Sister, Mother Earth, who sustains and governs us, and who produces vari­ous fruit with coloured flowers and herbs”.1
  2. This sister now cries out to us because of the harm we have inflicted on her by our irre­sponsible use and abuse of the goods with which God has endowed her. We have come to see ourselves as her lords and masters, entitled to plunder her at will. The violence present in our hearts, wounded by sin, is also reflected in the symptoms of sickness evident in the soil, in the water, in the air and in all forms of life. This is why the earth herself, burdened and laid waste, is among the most abandoned and maltreated of our poor; she “groans in travail” (Rom 8:22). We have forgotten that we ourselves are dust of the earth (cf. Gen 2:7); our very bodies are made up of her elements, we breathe her air and we re­ceive life and refreshment from her waters.

1 Canticle of the Creatures, in Francis of Assisi: Early Docu­ments, vol. 1, New York-London-Manila, 1999, 113-114.

(The beginning of 184 pages published today by Pope Francis and available in PDF online or from Amazon in book form.)

Islam unlike Catholicism has no supreme authority aside from Allah–the creator. Sadly in our time many muftis are put forward and their often silly or ridiculous Fatwas imbued an air of authority. Big Middle Eastern money pushes agendas and opinions with power, zeal, and world reach. Most of the prominent voices of Islam in 2015, like ISIS,  are goons of the system that a world of Muslims, to their credit, quietly ignore along with all of the ridiculous rulings, knowing that they have no more authority than words on a matchbox. The Quran and Hadith or the realities and truths of the faith that both are to communicate are understood through the connection of people and cultures with the created world, ecology, and ‘mother nature’, not by studious eggheads with impressive recitation within 4 walls. In fact the most important Muslim book is not the Quran; it is the book of nature; the creation of Allah, the language of which is spoken by few. People are one small part of nature that play an important role either in finding our place (what is halal) or in creating chaos and destruction to the rhythms and flows by perverting them (what is haram). The in-between is relevant only in the time of equilibrium with nature. Islam is submission to the way things are designed, the ultimate rationality, and the world is created with an elegant and majestic balance, while the human potential is to nurture vibrancy in balance or to upset the balance. In today’s world of ecological collapse, rampant materialism, and wealth consolidation on a massive ecologically devastating scale, it is the halal relationship to the world that we need to re-establish our bearings to interpret anything beyond the strictly rational in religion.  The Islamic scholars relevant to today must be versed in nature as their primary language above and beyond all other languages. Those scholars are all of us who are willing to discover again the grounding and roots of our human reality on this planet.

Muslims in every nook and cranny of the globe out there sweeping, farming or blogging are the faith—the Ummah—and it is they, one by one, who must stand and re-write the rationality and progressive voice of Islam today. Ignore the Fatwas; ignore the noise; ignore even the threats; it is time to get down to basics and re-establish the foundations of civilization that is rooted on the reverence and submission to nature—Islam.

May this month of introspection, meditation, and recalibration of self; right us to the natural systems of “our common home”.

May Muslims all over the earth, one billion strong, emerge as leaders in the revolution of agroecology, stewardship of land, and the movement to localize and become deeply indigenous to whatever place we call home.

May Muslims with technical savvy champion the definitions of appropriate technologies bases on reverence to nature and ecology and precaution toward the same.

May Muslims across the globe reconnect deeply with nature and the living ecology that is here to sustain us all and the billions of creatures from massive to microscopic in the elegant living picture of symmetry and symbiosis which can and is our world.

Alhamdulillah, and may the human side of this praise be expressed from us most directly in our reverence toward nature!

Ramadan (Ramadhan, Ramadaan or Ramzan) Mubaraak!


Brady ~ agroecology for a symbioticfuture

Wild Volcanic northern Carpathia

Key words of the Revolution:
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Simple and bountiful agroecology…

carpathians in their gloryOld school agroecology nurturing a balanced presence for centuries is a beautiful thing in 2015. Many of the Carpathian mountain cultures have been a resounding success socially and ecologically. The tomorrow we seek is one that balances the old, the new, and the rediscovered with appropriate design and technology. It is one of balance and reverence for nature.

If you could have a perfect world, what would it look like? You certainly could not easily envision one more perfect than that which we are subjects of and to. The future is about learning and discovery. It is not the learning and discovery of new things, but the mastery of what is here using the enlightened wisdom of all ages and eras. It is the mastery of the great balance.

We have our unique contribution and unique tools available only in our time. Lets use them in balance with all that is good from ancient to modern not to create a perfect world, but to empower greatness and inspiration locally and to work hard with our friends neighbors and colleagues to open source success and build a globally connected sustainable autonomous network of stewardship around the globe. Let knowledge—true and relevant knowledge—be crowned as king with wisdom, integrity of conscience, and tenacious social oomph for goodness, peace, and joy. May blessing be on this great and budding revolution!


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Humanure in Haiti and in your locale: (The Indigenous Knowledge Series)

treesThis article is in reference and testimonial toward a Heroic woman’s success in Haiti and its relevance elsewhere: (See the Tedx:  )

A potentially-fictional story for consideration ;-)

Local Testimonial:

This heroic woman is describing a system exactly like the system our local DEQ refused to consider in 2011 called locally “the bucket potty”. It was the non-mixing of liquid and solid with immediate cover with Asplundh chips on the non-liquid side. There was no smell. There were no flies. The solids were composted and the liquids fertilized high bench depleted fir forests. The people in question were told to dig a pit latrine. A pit latrine would have contaminated ground water so after digging, they opted not to complete it. After several go-arounds the strategic dig and direct deposit method was implemented with an understanding that the “bucket potty” would be relevant to lower funded households in the future. This was the strategy to avoid the infamous “chem-toilet” and to get the nutrition instead to where it never becomes waste in the first place, but rather stays a valued resource.

Washwater sidenote:

Household sinks produce one of three classifications of products: 1 & 2 greywater and blackwater termed black or grey according to the presence of certain food wastes, or 3. compost tea designated when the washing and running of the water is primarily to produce a nutrient rich solution for growing plants and secondarily to wash up. Anyone who farms can produce compost tea and at the same time why not get the double benefit of washing clothes, hands, food, or self ;-) Conversely, you can produce waste and then have to handle it as such from that point on. Oregon did pass a greywater re-use law, but it has several hurdles that make it overly cumbersome in many situations. For that reason it is often better to start with a product production system and use it to accomplish the washing needs as a secondary deliverable. Legalese you know…

Back to humanure:

In Haiti, under a severe situation, the quicker and shorter cycle direct to food production is implemented while in more rural and specious situations near depleted forests a longer cycle can be chosen. Solid waste can be composted not for a year as with food production, but for 3 months with biochar and hogfuel chips before strategic forest deposition. The liquid fraction which is high in Nitrogen can be used to directly fertilize Douglass fir trees for timber production as long as it is spread around the base and root line and not repeated on any individual tree in the same year. The high nitrogen has direct benefit to the tree production and the symbiotic fungal connections but is less helpful to the random forest floor where it can cause more rapid organic matter degradation (short term gain, long term depletion).

Whether it is for timber production or diverse forest re-establishment, the cycling of nutrients from humanure back to the mountain forests surrounding communities keeps the nutrition in the local system for greater and healthier biology and increasingly diverse ecosystems. Water ways including any gullies, valleys, or the tiniest seasonal streams are as we know a cultural taboo, as are the slopes leading down to them.

This has been a potentially-fictional futuristic account of how things might be in a more perfect and equitable world ;-)

clatsk from mt

Simple Folk, Radical effect, and a future for us all…

Need a farmer

Your beliefs become your thoughts,
your thoughts become your words,
your words become your actions,
your actions become your habits,
your habits become your values,
your values become your destiny…

Mahatma Gandhi

An introduction to who I am:

I am a naturalist drawing my baseline of normal and my inspiration from nature. I love people, society, diversity and religion when it is represented by open-eyed reverence for the intrinsic mysteries that lead to enlightened relationships and perceptions. I have adhered to a vow of poverty since the age of 21 that personally translates into a vow to identify with and support the needs of the poor and to live with minimal care of or dependence on money and without hoarding money or things. This is personal and is not meant to reflect the views or commitments of my wife or my children, though it certainly affects them. It is not a vow to live in want, but rather to live simply according to a more basic and grounded existence. In such, I treat money not as wealth, but as a transitory tool for commerce. In the perspective of a ‘vow of poverty’, money, finance, credit, or insurance are not security, piece of mind, or tangible support. Relationships, empowered local community, and my personal day to day contributions to my community are all of that tangibly.

I am apolitical. This means I am not of the group-up and defend mentality. I aim for the rational and wise balance of perspectives that attaches to reliable rooting and sustainability for societal and individual health and liberty. I am conservative, progressive, and radical, but not particularly liberal, pacifist, and staunchly non-militant. Having grown up with regard to Henry David Thorough, Mahatma Gandhi, and Jesus in the respecting shadow of my Grandfather, I found a mix that refused violence as an answer but chose to fear nothing and no one aside from that mysterious and equitable force of nature that some call a higher power. Though in some ways conservative, I will not support conserving 2nd best. We conserve what is worth conserving, revive what is worth reviving, and innovate a future that surpasses past and present. This means I am not relevantly democrat or republican as I am diametrically apposed to the main political effects and clear objectives of the two main US parties. I will have no part in the old politic except to hasten its demise in deference to empowered democracy and localization.

I am neither capitalist nor-socialist. I support a free market where local communities are empowered and in control of their local resources in so much as they upgrade and regenerate them rather than denigrate, destroy and pollute them. The often assumed human nature of pathetic hoarding and parasitism of environment, resources, and one another is artificial. When local resource and environment is in local hands a pride and purpose is intrinsic and natural toward stewardship and nurturing as rooted in our nature coupled to our religious and moral default. Constrained and manipulated in a synthetic environment meant to breed financial drive, we devolved and socially sickened into beasts needing greater and greater care and control while we struggled against one another for the carrot. Nearing the real and present police state our stark reality is calling us home. Like Bees, when given a natural challenge, resources, and opportunity, we will organize and rise to the challenge locally. Our need is for each other, nature, the environment and cooperation with some good old elbow grease and mindfulness.

More laws, no

More police, no

More global-governance, no

More top-down mandates, no




Learning to be indigenous[1]

Connected and reverent to place, natural mystery, and community…

And building a bright future under the fading bankrupt and failed one of the present and past

We have the tools to build what is relevantly simple and straight forward and powerful for human empowerment to the greater good of ourselves, the other creatures, and the local and global environment…so let’s roll up our sleeves and set our flight in motion. Please comment.


[1] to deeply understand and connect to place


Time to rise into our humanity and do our part…


The intense responsibility of our time and place in world history:

Relating to governance and the modern societal systems and organization, we simple folk are like the teen child of an extreme alcoholic or addict.

Our choice is to stand up into the maturity and responsibility we are capable of and lead our family whenever needed. Or we go from broken to emotional ruin and try to rebuild from the ashes when it is all over. The fight is not rational.

We simple folk are victims because we fail to take responsibility for our lives, our communities, and our local resource and societal stewardship. In that failure we may cry foul quite accurately, but to who? We may fight, but to what ends? Instead we must build the standing of our own legitimacy while that of the current system wanes.

We build our capacity and our ability locally, then, we simple folk slowly take the reigns of our present and future little by little until we have acquired a livable level of autonomy again and a local control of our local resources and society.

We don’t try to do it in the old way and we don’t try to do it in a new way. We don’t try to do it as a generation. We do it cohesively multi generationally, and wisely.

Empowering the Revolution


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