Evolution is a distraction; adaptation is our reality!

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Stewardship Farm, Clatskanie, Oregon–2010

“…We are not becoming something, we are something that we simply need to learn how to properly be!” symbioticfuture~2015

Evolution is a distraction; adaptation is our reality and its relevance is diminished by the focus on nature becoming something. Nature is already something. It is a complete system which, though flexible, the data set shows to be complete and whole in every way. It is not something to mess around with believing it to be some evolving silly putty on large scale. It is holy and pure and we are subordinate to it unless we are fools. We people are not called upon by any but ourselves to evolve. We cannot evolve, we are simply people and need to learn to be people in the best possible way. Learn your natural man, it is what it is.

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Stewardship Farm, Clatskanie, Oregon–2009

Currently with all our distractions we have perfected the worse possible way of embodying humanity. Sheep need to learn to be sheep not try to be humans, for they will never be humans! People need to live within the immensity or their own realm not the fantasy of make believe realms. Evolving is inconsistent with our reality. We need to learn our humanity.

Furthermore, though it is implied in our science and specifically in the recently discussed film “Origins” that Euro-centric brains are more evolved than tribal brains, this is lunacy. I have a neighbor that believes Chinese brains are “more evolved”. No, people are people. Science debunks the original implications of evolutionary theory that there is a hierarchy of humanity. Humans are humans and the best of us are the ones who know how to be human. We are not becoming something, we are something that we simply need to learn how to properly be!


Do drawings make reality?

Hedgerow farming re-enter stage left

hedgerow farming 3

Hedgerows if established and tied in right during the first few years of establishment make highly effective living fences. They also provide hugely important habitat for all manner of creatures, mycorrhizal permanence, insect balance, and multi-seasonal nectar flow for bees and other pollinators. Harvest of hedgerows is seen in increased quantity and quality of honey, multi-variety and seasonal berry harvest, fruit, teas and wild greens, and even with some innovation, biomass for farm or home energy.

Agroecology & Permaculture

“…the holistic interaction of society with environment symbiotically thriving by balanced natural efficiency that is optimized by intelligent design, appropriate technologies, and techniques that achieve net increase and vitality without inflicting net harm…” sumbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming 2 Fields of large size with broad clear borders provide an efficiency factor for machinery maneuvering and obvious cut for chemical farming. Between 1950 and 2000 this was an obvious fit for the prominent agricultural model. Sadly that agricultural model was one based on massive unseen support by fossil fuels to the extent of 10 calories in oil required to produce 1 calorie in low nutrient density food (Scientific American 2011[1]). Yes that is literally, farming and industry working hard and with great pride of accomplishment to net a 1000% loss in overall resource.  Essentially, that is an achievement made on the backs of people and non-renewable resource that will not be available to our children. Where the unseen, often unspoken, loss in efficiency occurs is in the methodology of countering all the natural flows, cycles and phenomenon with strict and absolute control through liberal use of poisons, and several levels of brute force. If you have not figured it out yet that style of farming is on the way out. As with so many things in 2015, the technologies have matured and only await the perceived necessity to be put into wide spread use. A fringe outlet that takes in a small percentage of diverse naturally efficient techniques in agriculture is “Organic”, named for the hallmark goal of working symbiotically with the soil Carbon cycles or “natural organic soil chemistry”.

“…Stewardship is the deliberate nurturing care of what one feels responsible for…” symbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming Organic agriculture touches the tip of the iceberg of efficient food, fiber, and biomass production. A broader and more holistic field is that of Agroecology, the techniques and angles of which won’t fit in libraries. Agroecology is akin to ‘permaculture’ or ‘the holistic interaction of society with environment symbiotically thriving by balanced natural efficiency that is optimized by intelligent design, appropriate technologies, and techniques that achieve net increase and vitality without inflicting net harm.’ Agroecology and permaculture fit nicely into two books; the book of nature coupled to the book of natural stewardship based human culture. Stewardship is the deliberate nurturing care of what one feels responsible for. When entire cultures feel that shared responsibility, only then can the science of agroecology be internalized and grow to maturity. So broad, wide, and diverse are the applications of this artistic-craftsmanship-science that it is and can only be a generationally unfolding attainment of local society building on the local reading of nature unique to the specific bioregion. In other words: ‘Mature, agroecology is the successful achievement of generationally increasing acumen in society for symbiotic relationship to other life systems and natural ebb and flow.’

“…Mature, agroecology is the successful achievement of generationally increasing acumen in society for symbiotic relationship to other life systems and natural ebb and flow…” symbioticfuture~2015hedgerow farming 1

What is gained in increased field size is lost in diversity of crop rotation, exponentially increasing pest pressures, and in the expulsion of all the other creatures and life that give our ecosystem resilience, beauty, and functionality. Permaculture showcases food forests and multistory perennial cropping like the cork oak savannahs and various adaptations. Some crops lend themselves to field production. Fossil fuel/chemical style agriculture pushed out the diversity in some cases for thousands of acres. Now farming has come of age. You could say that Fossil fuel/chemical agriculture was the teenage phase, sort of the prodigal son showing his ignorance so he could understand himself.  Well, no more excuses the truth is obvious, that type of farming will run us all off a cliff. The beauty and functionality of the hedgerow may now return!

[1] http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/plugged-in/2011/08/11/10-calories-in-1-calorie-out-the-energy-we-spend-on-food/

Liberty calls sexuality back into the closet

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“…Biologists, and “boomers” put your dam “survival” and “sexuality” based existence myth back in the closet and learn that people live for the entire depth of existence!…” symbioticfuture~2015

These old photos showcase an unintended consequence of the evolution of male homosexuality to open normality. Not long ago, before the showcasing and reverent concern for male to male sexuality, a freedom of innocent and unconcerned intimacy existed for all while all sexuality was fairly well private.

Now a majority are constrained culturally while the naturally deviant minority do indeed seem liberated. Is it natural for deviant sexuality to be publicly lauded as normal? Is there a way to recapture innocent intimacy devoid of sexuality?

Is it, perhaps, more natural and socially healthy for the fairly rare anomaly of male to male sexuality to fall back as a, sort of forgotten thread in the rope of reality? To each their own, of course, but I dream of the day all sexuality will culturally go back into the closet of privacy and less spoken understoods. I would embrace the situation where all people could interact without innuendo or implication.

I lived briefly in Uganda, East Africa at a time when non-Africans were nearly non-existent. Even in the large city of Kampala, I went in and out of the crowds for weeks before seeing another foreigner. At that time the pure unconcerned intimacy of men was a shocker, and sadly so. Men commonly walked the streets hand in hand, or just sat holding hands and enjoying time together in the beauty of friendship.

My friend once took my hand tightly as we walked down the crowded streets of Kampala, even swinging my arm with his accompanied by glee and a beaming smile. At first, all I could feel was my discomfort until I forced my point of reference back to Africa where male relationships were not about sexuality. Innocence and heart expression flowed freely and I learned a great deal about what it feels like to be free and straight at the same time. Intimacy in simple relationships should flow naturally without implication or innuendo. In natural culturally guided society life does not revolve around sexuality, but living life is the main component of existence in its own right. Biologists, and ‘boomers’ put your dam “survival and sexuality” based existence myth back in the closet and learn that people live for the entire depth of existence! Is sexuality sacred? I think it absolutely is. So, lets keep it that way and thereby enrich both nonsexual and sexual relationships while inoculating the spores of freedom of expression and friendship.

Grassroots Science and then some…

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“…In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015…”

Grassroots science is that which incorporates knowns and understoods with wide view perspective, local wisdom, logic, and reason. It shies from presumptions of spontaneous generation and evolution of origins in vials of presumptuous declaration to prehistory and time infinity. Grassroots science lives not in the postulates of presumption but rather in real time known’s and in your face lessons of a natural world that is alive and ready to teach all of us the basics of our existence. It lives in the reverence and mentorship of the natural world and subordinance there under.


Sheep are assumed to be dumb by presumption when in fact they are “sheep smart” and to be otherwise would be foolish…revere nature and be humble!

We cannot adequately describe life. We do not know how life began. In fact, we don’t even have the slightest clue. We don’t know origins of humanity for sure either, but dominant biologists give the warmth of the huddle to an assumption of evolution from apes, following a time infinite evolution from original spontaneous generation from unknowns. Most of humanity doesn’t fully agree, but those same dominant biologists will have no other assumptions admitted to the table even for discussion. That is tragic as we can see in the effect of presumption that is destroying the planet through irreverence of a system with apparent design and a level of intricacy millennia ahead of our greatest technological achievements.

If your little brother believed the finely tuned Maserati were the result of a series of rough garage parties, he would be tempted to go at his alterations in a way that would cause irreversible damage. Modern day science has plenty of those little brothers and insufficient regulation and almost none of the reverent cultural pause embodied in wisdom.

Considering the evolution of life over time infinity after spontaneous generation from unknowns to be the only plausible conclusion makes sense if we assume it plausible that all things are strictly limited to the material and energy, devoid of any greater depth of living reality. Such an assumption is not plausible, while an acknowledgement of apparent design is. Mathematically, current theories embody the miraculous while secular materialist theory denies possibility of miracle. From two perspectives, all is miracle and nothing is miraculous and life only comes from life as was discovered by Louis Pasteur in response to the foolish microbial assumptions of “spontaneous generation” in 1862.[1] In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015. 


Glossary of philosophical and descriptive terms of thought and understanding:

Theist: belief that a form of at least one spiritual deity exists[2]

Religious: Basically this misused and misunderstood often vilified word means; reverent to a system of belief.

Demiurge[3] The ancient assumption of; “A powerful creative force or personality[4], it represents a life force such as God, gods, intelligently creative energy or force… In biology, “Intelligent design” or “design characteristics” are contrived phrases to give balanced representation of belief but run into trouble due to the inference of life or intelligence originating the biological phenomenon that is emphatically presumed to be meaningless beyond the scientific explanations of a statistically impossible but accepted mechanism of origination.

God/god/gods: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. From the ambiguity comes a need for each to define specific belief: ‘My god is…’—often in attempts to trump others version of belief, and/or to give a more specific detail. ‘To me god is…’ is a common euphemism. The word is generally losing popularity.

Note: When objects or creatures are used as “gods” the definition is “a material focal point that facilitates spiritual worship or reverence for unseen spiritual elements.”

Deity: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. Definitions based on misconception or arrogance are common but irrelevant.

Spirit: A conscious and living—strength, force, energy or other—that cannot be defined materially

Atheism: The denial of the reality of any deity or non-material but conscious entity

Note: A less extreme form of atheism would be not to deny the existence of the spiritual, but to remove any assumption of authority creative attribute or natural place of directive in such.

Agnostic: Usually non-committal acceptance of un-know-ability leading to a decision to not commit to belief for the time being. It is generally based on the idea that if it cannot be proved empirically it cannot be known. Usually, this assumption is limited to spiritual questions, but some take it to extremes of the non-acceptance of the existence of self or matter.

Gnostic: Multi-religious belief, minimalizing concern for material existence and focusing on spiritual existence: traditionally, “adherents shunned the material world understood to be created by the demiurge[5]and embraced the spiritual world.”[6]

Spiritual: Basically open and attune to a reality or perceived reality beyond the material

Biogenesis: A theory based on the empirical demonstration that life originates from life and that there is no empirical experiment showing otherwise.

Spontaneous generation: The presumption of a phenomenon where lifeless matter spontaneously becomes life. The original theory was debunked, but later accepted with a clausal assumption that infinite time begets life. The latter assumption is impossible to debunk empirically.


[1] “…Pasteur was responsible for crushing the doctrine ofspontaneous generation. He performed experiments that showed that without contamination, microorganisms could not develop. Under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences, he demonstrated that in sterilized and sealed flasks nothing ever developed, and in sterilized but open flasks microorganism could grow. This experiment won him the Alhumbert Prize of the academy…” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Pasteur

[2] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theism

[3] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demiurge

[4] http://www.thefreedictionary.com/demiurge

[5] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Demiurge

[6] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gnosticism

GMO: allegorical DDT in biological form

buck min

“…You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete…”
― Richard Buckminster Fuller


I was involved in a teaching and research activity with very high profile researchers involved in specific plant genome mapping. It was with a company that carefully moderates a certain benign image domestically while actively practicing and supporting Genetic Modification overseas.

“…GM research and marketing has us–the baby–strapped to the front of their vehicle of profit and power consolidation, with government regulating the size of the straps and the shape of the car seat…” Symbioticfuture-2015

The high energy presentations focused on ‘perversion washing’ phraseology as a sort of ‘soft training’ in how to communicate an unpopular message to alley and divert concern. Concern is founded in the fact that Genetic Modification is primarily a powerful perversion of the natural biological building blocks to achieve extraordinary but minimally understood results.

In its truly benign state the same technology can be used to accomplish not so novel achievements in an expensive energy intensive way, arguably faster than natural breeding. For example breeding an apple that has a certain novel characteristic vs genetically modifying an apple with an apple to achieve the same thing. The issue here is confrontational because of the name of the method and the perverted nature of its more common use. GM is something the industry tried and is still trying to rebrand as “biotechnology”, taking a specific and concise descriptive that the public generally understands, and steering people away to a much more general and less specific term which literally means something quite basic: “technology relating to life”. The overt, deceptive, and anti-knowledge aspect of replacing a descriptive word, that specifically speaks to a technology while differentiating it from other technologies, with a general non-descript term common to a wide variety of technology, exemplifies the industry. It is an industry that actively promotes mis-understanding by replacing specifics with generalities while pointing strategic mis-direct into vague and benign unrelated or tenuous connections to enable legal continuation of things that public and environmental safety concerns would slap a moratorium on if there were transparency.

Cross species genetic modification is unsafe in any shape or form unless non-release-research-limiting-protocols are required, practiced, and enforced. They are not substantially regulated because they are strategically packaged in with and showcased as acceptable and relatively safe practices. An example of one of the many and varied strategies is an apple called “Arctic” that could have been bred by traditional means but was in fact developed with simple biotech combining apple with apple genes. It was then showcased publicly in quite a number of publications and newscasts as a poster child and in the crossfire of the GMO debate as a publicity stunt. The marketing and developing company overtly bragged of the “Genetically Modified Apple” and paraded it and the method of development with no concern for transparency. The developer went so far as to claim boldly and loudly that he was proud to have developed a GM apple and that he believed the public needed to face their fears of GMO’s. In contrast, $20 million was spent in 6 weeks in Oregon this fall to achieve public denial of a public request for transparency of GM product in food.

It is pretty clear; the power of Genetic Modification is in combining–aka perverting–genes across species lines which are clearly delineated biologically. This is the environmental, human health, and germplasm sustainability issue of concern. By emphasizing the less important use of GM that does not alter species lines, the patents of which are nearly non-existent and do not represent any significant portion of the industries profit, they are simply factoring in an advertising expense that showcases something inconsequential while confusing the terms and the effect on natural biology. They want a constant smokescreen to cloud the air and distract people from what GMO means, and they want to change the subject when “that other stuff comes up”. Well, “that other stuff” is the heart of the GMO industry. Genetic Modification is clearly about combining the DNA of biologically separate species with clear biological blockage and constraints, by a method that forces its way across species barriers without creating publicly visible indicators in the resulting product. Herein lies both the novelty and the extreme potential for drastic and often unforeseen long term effects. GMO’s are allegorical DDT in biological form. They will be touted and ‘cashed out’ until sufficient harm surfaces with sufficient force to cut the flow of profit. Chronic biological effects are expected to be a long term development of irreversible consequence. Multigenerational studies are already alluding to this imminent reality. Risks are taken for calculated profit, however the public and the environment have no stake in the profit and assume all of the risk.

So, back to the GM researchers that I trained under. The main take home message was GM in public discourse is “biotechnology” similar to “high tech plant breeding” and the result essentially is akin to “hybrids” and ‘that is my story, I’m sticking to it’ to get enough time to earn market share and profit before actual safety protocols put things back in the lab where they belong.

“…GMO’s are allegorical DDT in biological form…”Symbioticfuture-2015

In fact, true GMO’s (cross species GM product), if let out of the controlled highly contained lab situation, are like a baby in the car-seat strapped to the front bumper of the car speeding down the freeway. Regulators and their protocols are currently akin to the traffic cop that pulls them over to be sure the car seat is certified safe.

“…cross species genetic modification is unsafe in any shape or form unless non-release-research-limiting-protocols are required, practiced, and enforced…” Symbioticfuture-2015

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Grassroots historical biology

“The Constructive power of Evolution over Trillions of years…” the phrase “trillions of years is a construct meaning “time infinity”, which is a construct of faith, making belief in the impossible possible…even though it is actually still impossible. The idea is how to find and believe a new myth with no benefit but supreme empirical disprovability. AKA…a dumb idea.


In 2015 we need the true blue grassroots reality that has been around for eons, not the fantasy of the past 150 years that has the earth reeling into near collapse. Grassroots reality, including the reality of spirituality, is the future if we have one, not the best myth weaving adventure of cosmology.


Let local reinvent relevant

Backward thinking old paradigm strategy is disease. For a future there is an obvious forward that does not rediscover the mistakes of the past, but rather its successes.

Daddy planting mustard

Let local reinvent relevant over the coming 1000 plus years while they collaborate in the global dialogue. Schooling/education that is not local will not empower relevantly. We cannot invent it this time, we must rediscover it and our connection and let local evolve what is right for local in the vial of local sufficiency.

In such we will have a mechanism to determine “appropriate technology” per locale’ and per microcosm. The diverse world fits not in the human pocket just as “deity” fits not in religion’s pocket.

Let’s let nature do the bulk of the work and teaching and disciple under her for a future.


Tucking in drip tape and hilling potatoes on Stewardship Farm