Old growth temperate rain forests

This was our region. It used to be considered a temperate rain forest. Consider all the minerals held in those old forests. Now as we log more and more minerals are lacking. We have the rain, and trees but lack the nutrients for a rich biology to make it a true forest. That is sad… Continue reading Old growth temperate rain forests

Brainstorm on cities and food

Cities need better support and they need to give back more than their garbage. Precision ag has to do with finely tuned soils, nutrition and irrigation. This is a good fit around cities. Cities are typically on and around prime agricultural zones. They have the capacity to chip in to promote and develop a high… Continue reading Brainstorm on cities and food

1. Is Governance by “Guido” Acceptable?

The Problem Our world pandemic is specific government collaboration with corporate and financial interest to multiply the power of the powerful through corruption, extortion, and racketeering. ¬†Analogies or perhaps realities: 1. 'We are busy doing something important...Just take your place in the workforce, be sure to vote, and use your constitutional right to whine and… Continue reading 1. Is Governance by “Guido” Acceptable?