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Bio: My blog: Occupyconscience.com I don't believe in destroying what is here today. I believe in building a future that outperforms and solved inadequacies and failures of present and the past. My driving intent and focus goes to empower the agrarian reality. I dream of and believe in the need for agrarian renaissance. Agrarians are those rooted and sustained by the local landscape and community. I believe that through agrarian success, the world can see a major shift in the human inflicted global ecological effect. We can see a symbiotic future that embraces, feeds on, and promotes ecological and cultural diversity. We can see people, through the natural living of their lives, effecting a rapidly regenerating global environment and reversal of longstanding global desertification. Since we can, we should. Social engineering? well kind of, yeah. It is intelligent strategic paradigm development. Our civilizational paradigm tends to orient any and all diverse cultures to effect environmental harm/footprint. Therefore, we need to reorient the paradigm to naturally effect regenerative and symbiotic relationships with nature instead. Agrarian society is in free fall as the paradigm orients cultures and societies around global financial economy with built in rewards and penalties (remember agrarian by definition is place and community oriented). I believe it is not only possible but crucial to resuscitate and accentuate the infrastructure for global agrarianism and to do it in such a way as to enable renaissance/flowering. That is my life's work, my passion, and what I live for and would be happy to die for any day of the week. This blog is my rough and in many instances unedited writings on the subject. These are not refined articles. They are a semi-formal journaling to log ideas I find important.

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  1. I find this blog very beneficial and even enlightening. A collection of indigenous knowledge for around the world would make a great contribution the emerging culture of sustainable development.

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