Grassroots Science and then some…

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“…In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015…”

Grassroots science is that which incorporates knowns and understoods with wide view perspective, local wisdom, logic, and reason. It shies from presumptions of spontaneous generation and evolution of origins in vials of presumptuous declaration to prehistory and time infinity. Grassroots science lives not in the postulates of presumption but rather in real time known’s and in your face lessons of a natural world that is alive and ready to teach all of us the basics of our existence. It lives in the reverence and mentorship of the natural world and subordinance there under.

Sheep are assumed to be dumb by presumption when in fact they are “sheep smart” and to be otherwise would be foolish…revere nature and be humble!

We cannot adequately describe life. We do not know how life began. In fact, we don’t even have the slightest clue. We don’t know origins of humanity for sure either, but dominant biologists give the warmth of the huddle to an assumption of evolution from apes, following a time infinite evolution from original spontaneous generation from unknowns. Most of humanity doesn’t fully agree, but those same dominant biologists will have no other assumptions admitted to the table even for discussion. That is tragic as we can see in the effect of presumption that is destroying the planet through irreverence of a system with apparent design and a level of intricacy millennia ahead of our greatest technological achievements.

If your little brother believed the finely tuned Maserati were the result of a series of rough garage parties, he would be tempted to go at his alterations in a way that would cause irreversible damage. Modern day science has plenty of those little brothers and insufficient regulation and almost none of the reverent cultural pause embodied in wisdom.

Considering the evolution of life over time infinity after spontaneous generation from unknowns to be the only plausible conclusion makes sense if we assume it plausible that all things are strictly limited to the material and energy, devoid of any greater depth of living reality. Such an assumption is not plausible, while an acknowledgement of apparent design is. Mathematically, current theories embody the miraculous while secular materialist theory denies possibility of miracle. From two perspectives, all is miracle and nothing is miraculous and life only comes from life as was discovered by Louis Pasteur in response to the foolish microbial assumptions of “spontaneous generation” in 1862.[1] In such understanding and in the vial of ecology itself, reverence for nature is the mandate of logical reason, and a fundamental principle to pulling out of planetary freefall of 2015. 


Glossary of philosophical and descriptive terms of thought and understanding:

Theist: belief that a form of at least one spiritual deity exists[2]

Religious: Basically this misused and misunderstood often vilified word means; reverent to a system of belief.

Demiurge[3] The ancient assumption of; “A powerful creative force or personality[4], it represents a life force such as God, gods, intelligently creative energy or force… In biology, “Intelligent design” or “design characteristics” are contrived phrases to give balanced representation of belief but run into trouble due to the inference of life or intelligence originating the biological phenomenon that is emphatically presumed to be meaningless beyond the scientific explanations of a statistically impossible but accepted mechanism of origination.

God/god/gods: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. From the ambiguity comes a need for each to define specific belief: ‘My god is…’—often in attempts to trump others version of belief, and/or to give a more specific detail. ‘To me god is…’ is a common euphemism. The word is generally losing popularity.

Note: When objects or creatures are used as “gods” the definition is “a material focal point that facilitates spiritual worship or reverence for unseen spiritual elements.”

Deity: An intelligent force, strength, or energy with a degree of inherent natural authority. Definitions based on misconception or arrogance are common but irrelevant.

Spirit: A conscious and living—strength, force, energy or other—that cannot be defined materially

Atheism: The denial of the reality of any deity or non-material but conscious entity

Note: A less extreme form of atheism would be not to deny the existence of the spiritual, but to remove any assumption of authority creative attribute or natural place of directive in such.

Agnostic: Usually non-committal acceptance of un-know-ability leading to a decision to not commit to belief for the time being. It is generally based on the idea that if it cannot be proved empirically it cannot be known. Usually, this assumption is limited to spiritual questions, but some take it to extremes of the non-acceptance of the existence of self or matter.

Gnostic: Multi-religious belief, minimalizing concern for material existence and focusing on spiritual existence: traditionally, “adherents shunned the material world understood to be created by the demiurge[5]and embraced the spiritual world.”[6]

Spiritual: Basically open and attune to a reality or perceived reality beyond the material

Biogenesis: A theory based on the empirical demonstration that life originates from life and that there is no empirical experiment showing otherwise.

Spontaneous generation: The presumption of a phenomenon where lifeless matter spontaneously becomes life. The original theory was debunked, but later accepted with a clausal assumption that infinite time begets life. The latter assumption is impossible to debunk empirically.


[1] “…Pasteur was responsible for crushing the doctrine ofspontaneous generation. He performed experiments that showed that without contamination, microorganisms could not develop. Under the auspices of the French Academy of Sciences, he demonstrated that in sterilized and sealed flasks nothing ever developed, and in sterilized but open flasks microorganism could grow. This experiment won him the Alhumbert Prize of the academy…”






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