Confused society, Gay pride, and looking for a cause…

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“Strong feelings exist both ways now days, but ‘to hell wit ya all ‘(metaphorically speaking), give us all some peace and a cuddle and we’ll be just fine. Maybe that’s all a lot of people need anyway.” symbioticfuture~2015

These old photos showcase an unintended consequence of the showcasing of homosexuality. Not long ago, before the spin and the cause, a freedom of unconcerned intimacy existed as a part of friendship. Now a majority are culturally constricted while a minority have liberated private matters to the public. But where is the overall benefit? Is it natural for deviant sexuality–good, bad, or neutral–to be publicly advertised as normal, hip, and in your face?

It is a bit confusing, but normal it is not. More importantly, overemphasis gets in the way of the innocent intimacy in friendships for a large block of people? Now a confused majority react like the silverback, to show their heterosexual manliness. Look at before and after, it has literally changed the active intimacy of a society of friends with one more thing to prove where individuals used to be a community. Is it possible that we are all more liberated and empowered when sexuality in general, and especially deviant sexuality is mostly a natural understood rather than an irritatingly open discussion? Pride, for what? How about we make our mark on the world in a more meaningful way.

Frankly, it is more natural, organic and socially healthy for the anomaly of homosexuality to be little more than a forgotten thread in the rope of reality. To each their own, of course, I am the friend of all, but I would embrace the day sexuality simply coexists including the extremes in culture with minimal in-your-face discussion. Most of the discussion, frankly should culturally go back into the closet of privacy and less spoken understoods. Strong feelings exist both ways now days, but ‘to hell wit ya all ‘(metaphorically speaking), give us all some peace and a cuddle and we’ll be just fine. Maybe that’s all a lot of people need anyway.

I lived briefly in Uganda, at a time when non-Africans were nearly non-existent. Even in the large city of Kampala, I went in and out of the crowds for weeks before seeing another foreigner. At that time the pure unconcerned intimacy of men was a stark contrast to America. Men commonly walked the streets hand in hand, or just sat holding hands and enjoying time together in the beauty of friendship. My friend once took my hand tightly as we walked down the crowded streets of Kampala, swinging my arm with his. At first, all I could feel was discomfort, until I forced my point of reference back to Africa where male relationships were not marred by sexual innuendo. Innocence and heart expression flowed freely and I learned a great deal about what it feels like to be free.

Intimacy in simple relationships should flow naturally without implication or innuendo. In natural culturally guided society life does not revolve around sexuality, life is the main component of existence in its own right. Biologists, and “boomers” send your “survival” and “sexuality” based existence myth back to the drawing board and accept that people live for the broadest depth of existence! Is sexuality sacred? I think it absolutely is. So, let’s keep it that way and thereby enrich both nonsexual and sexual relationships while inoculating the spores of freedom of expression and friendship. Don’t confuse us any more and don’t be proud of nothing at all, there’s a mission out there for you, find it! and come and give me a cuddle;-)

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