The Revolution TODAY

The Philosophy of the Revolution... Wean ourselves from the need to work ...learn instead to “LIVE” Live vibrantly--live tenaciously--live with gusto! Ecology is the ALCHEMY of…     Sun—Earth—Water—Fire—Life Creating more and better from less... without waste ______________ "Agroecology" (my modus operandi) and the other hundred terms and labels of the revolution distill to "ecology-with-the-best-presence-of-humanity-within." re-wilding, grounding,… Continue reading The Revolution TODAY

Evolution, and the Creative Miracle of Life — soil and diversity instead of dirt and desert — Buckle up!

...The elk in a healthy herd strains a muscle to the point of a limp. From that point on the wolves target and pester that particular elk until it eventually falls from such a minor injury. Trees with indefinite life potential can fall to fungus or pests in the presence of all nutrients, water, and… Continue reading Evolution, and the Creative Miracle of Life — soil and diversity instead of dirt and desert — Buckle up!

The Will to Live

“If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche--How to Philosophize with a Hammer. __________________________________________________ Considering the impacts artificial paradigms have physically, psychologically, and environmentally, we need to reconsider the shallow spoon feeding or acceptance of " why’s" that subvert, oversimplify, and cheapen intrinsic and instinctual… Continue reading The Will to Live

Sociology 101: Correcting Mass Dysfunction

Look around at what people are pestering others with or expending their energy and words on. A lot of the shit is pretty silly when you stand back and look at it from a distance and with your natural common sense.Contemporary Islam and Christianity each create blind spots. Other religions and belief systems including those… Continue reading Sociology 101: Correcting Mass Dysfunction

Conscientiously, Authentically Science!

A very reasonable question was asked on Quora to which some professionals responded aggressively and maybe even pompously. The question was: Why are people so sure the current experts in science can't be wrong, when history has shown they have been wrong many times before? I appreciate and even identify with the question. I don't identify… Continue reading Conscientiously, Authentically Science!

Finding a Tribe in the Living River


Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) split level view of annual spawning run, Adams River, British Columbia, Canada, October 20 Oct 2010, British Columbia, Canada — Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka) split level view of annual spawning run, Adams River, British Columbia, Canada, October — Image by © Todd Mintz/Nature Picture Library/Corbis

An oddly set allegory and truth and a veiled business strategy

Once farmers adapted to rivers and prospered for thousands of years. In later times farmers and communities adapted rivers to humanity and prospered for 50 years followed by a steady decline. Farming adapted better ways to control rivers more, to control soils, and to control and dominate ecosystems. Cascades of effect made farming industrial and in-humane and destroyed the lives of family farmers and the economies and social systems of farming communities. Let me tell a story, an allegory and a reality of the living river and the farmer.

This story is the convenient allegory, of the entrepreneur finding and nurturing a tribe in a venture of…

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Barefoot Sociology: Wildness as the Foundation of Civilization

Here I present today's nuance of dreamy Utopian rainbow… barefoot, lean, minimalist... random-hit-and-miss as the palette of any given day… Don't expect a definition of wildness, civilization, or anything and certainly not a clear vision. Expect ideas and perspective of rarity with a kiss, hug, a whoop, and a wink. Don't expect civilization or the… Continue reading Barefoot Sociology: Wildness as the Foundation of Civilization

“Fools-gold” and the Stumbling Masses

A short scattered mulling of realities in view of the abundance and benevolence of wildness… Anarchy is the absence of coordinated governance or administration in society, community, or tribe. Strict anarchy other than an emergency provision is lunacy and the advertised stupor of uncivilized. Nothing in nature functions by anarchy. In fact, the embrace of wildness in… Continue reading “Fools-gold” and the Stumbling Masses

Four Foundational Ideals of the Agrarians

Ancient or modern, Gender irrelevant, Black or white, Red or brown, and all the in between... _________________________ A movement of many faces... needs simplified common values... building blocks for re-instigating an actively evolving regional diversity _________________________ The new "farming" or proper rural-ism in its evolution as agroecology is a shared exercise employed by all types of creatures in the dance of life and… Continue reading Four Foundational Ideals of the Agrarians