Four Foundational Ideals of the Agrarians


A movement of many faces… needs simplified common values… building blocks for re-instigating an actively evolving regional diversity


The new “farming” or proper rural-ism in its evolution as agroecology is a shared exercise employed by all types of creatures in the dance of life and ecology. It is the effort of  each creature in their own way applying mindful wildness in conscientious integrity.



INTEGRITY is the practiced execution of conscience over time that leads to credibility and reliability as a person or other type of creature according to the basic premises of your particulars.

  1. A fir tree is eventually “slaughtered” by fungus that helped it reach a greater potential during the best years of growth. In the time of life it gives to the forest fungi of its “prime currency” in the sugars it has fixed from the sun’s energy through photosynthesis. When water, space with sufficient sunlight, or nutrients wane or diminish, fungus will begin the “slaughter” whereby the tough hard structural cellulose (the investment of the simple sugars that were saved to grow tall and strong) are called upon by the forest’s fungi to feed the soils, flora, and fauna.
  2. Wolves for example can have integrity while jumping on and tearing apart a weak elk since empathy toward the prey is not natural or feasible for the predator. They are in an adversarial and yet symbiotic dance with their prey and it is their job to pick off the weak, slow, and less agile.
  3. Domestic dogs on the other hand have evolved a reliable obedience to their master and or their flocks that puts their integrity in line with the wishes and steady teachings of their master.
  4. Wild sheep are similarly different in integrity from domestic sheep in that they have not developed any close partnership to overcome the predator prey relationship.
  5. Domestic sheep have evolved a steady reliance and obedience to the shepherd and the dog that provides them with safety but also eventual self sacrifice as a grazer when they are chosen for slaughter or when they become weak. Slaughter is not done ruthlessly as with a predator, but with compassion and submission in a symbiotic thousands year old “agreement”. The integrity of the sheep is to accept both life and life’s end and sacrifice to the circle of life when the time is dictated.
  6. The integrity of the dog and shepherd is to respect and nurture the life of their partner grazing creatures in friendship and mutualism each in their own way and to make the calmest and most respectable moment of the milking, shearing, molting-feather-harvest, or slaughter and the best use of the elements received.
  7. Integrity is the follow though on our ecological place in the circle of life and deeply embedded culture.



CONSCIENTIOUSNESS: Consideration to what is best and application of your efforts to make that happen

  1. The Knowledge and Conscience Revolution (now a strategic evolution) as an initial movement was and is about this since…
  2. Conscience evolves out of what you know intrinsically, and what you discover in the pursuit of understanding and goodness and what you decide deeper in your soul as law.



WILDNESS is the connection to the circle of life and the deeper intelligence of the world.

  1. It counters the excesses of culturally induced lop-sided intellect and the juvenile arrogance of the know-it-all civilization and science.
  2. It counters the downward ‘devolutionary spiral’ of “absolute power” over nature with recognition of mutualism.
  3. It heals the disconnection from nature and the lost sense for innate communicative channels
  4. In such, it counteracts the tendency for people to become cancerous to nature, ecology, and each other.
  5. And re-orients a cooperation with other “cells”, flow, and directives larger than ourselves in the orchestra of the ‘dance of life’.
  6. Wildness is bigger than science and the ‘yang’ of our domesticated reality.
  7. Wildness is the base-station and foundation from which all the building blocks of civilization can be audited, proofed, and plumbed.



MINDFULNESS is the process of concentration and care toward what or who is in front of you or the task at hand.



Agrarians as a tribe of values:

Who: Integrity

What: Conscientiousness

Where: Wildness

When: Mindfulness

Why: The will to live and prosper

How: Strategic cooperation and action


WildCommons is a bare bones starting point for what intends to become a multifaceted venture group portfolio of for-profit and non-profit architecture.


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