“Fools-gold” and the Stumbling Masses

A short scattered mulling of realities in view of the abundance and benevolence of wildness…


Anarchy is the absence of coordinated governance or administration in society, community, or tribe.

Strict anarchy other than an emergency provision is lunacy and the advertised stupor of uncivilized. Nothing in nature functions by anarchy. In fact, the embrace of wildness in any degree shifts from synthetic administrations to more natural ones.

Agrarians, the artistic, and indigenous peoples live functionally under a form of externally imposed anarchy meant to marginalize, dis-empower, and disillusion. It is fully and intentionally imposed on them and all happens within an advertised democracy that operates for others against their actual needs, their deeper more ancient measure of prosperity, and to the detriment of the sustainable perpetuation of their cultural existence.

Bees are a metaphor of people. They can find wild accommodations where they live an organized existence with more hazard but keep more of themselves, what they earn, and their innate provisions for long term adaptation. Or they can choose the accommodations provided by people in which they will be coddled but taken from in proportion or greater to provide for externalities that have nothing to do with the ecosystem of their own reality. The bees that produce for the externalities and adapt to coddled domestication, prosper and win out, while the ones otherwise lose, sicken, and die.

In society today the corporate governmental alliances negotiate the right to farm humanity. Specifically they purchase the right to “farm” a portion of the populous with expectations that the less profitable cultural choices be penalized and dis-enabled. Like heavy milkers or bees that when coddled and medicated pump the honey, profit delivering folk in need of coddling, win out, while less advertised and by implication “less important” legislation conjures provisions to minimize and marginalize the less profitable segment of populous. Economy wins! And by mantra apparently society does.

In such a case, the artistic, indigenous, and truly agrarian lose viable routes to prosperous existence and quality of life. Arguably lazy folk and those with the “strong christian work ethic” or any verbal variant there-of—those willing to shirk “responsibilities” in exchange for “duties” and coddled care—prosper and excel, along with power hungry integrity lacking individuals of compromise who are richly rewarded for their avarice. The bee that would die without constant care, the cattle that cannot survive on pasture or bring up offspring on their own, and the people who, if left to live in natural abundance within a self administering community, would die or bring down a tribe… all of these are preferred and propagated in a society gone awry, the society of today.

Democracy as a societal good is a tribal reality with functionality for those in the tribe and on the same team. It is dysfunctional as a venue of competition just as any football match or athletic competition resolving their sport activities through democracy would be out-to-lunch.

Our future of hope lies in a different direction than we are allowed to believe exists.


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