To Fight or To Live

If I die, I die, and one day I will but for now, I will live!

Two to three years after decisions that righted the straying course of my life, I can encapsulate a basic life lesson.  Before I found myself with the wrong person, I went through life pretty light handed and every good thing that’s good for me generally fell my way. I brought that into my community of relationships. This concept of things generally fitting isn’t strange or unnatural. It is intrinsically woven into our world. The past suppositions of biological science were wrong.  It’s not a fight for survival. It’s just life in a community of creatures helping one another inadvertently by helping and being ourselves. We are a fit in all ways if we keep it natural and we learn to simply be who we are.

Generally speaking, I would set my eyes on things that I really wanted and opportunities fell my way. To fall may be part of the energy of enthusiasm for what you want and certainly, I worked super-hard and tenaciously but I didn’t struggle and I never worried or feared… and when struggles came, I was strong and always got through a little better.

I have so many stories that if I spent a night around a campfire telling them it would seem to be a bunch of lives from a bygone era… but it is my life. I’ve been through a lot in my life and apart from the relationship that I had to lose, it seems to me like it was all easy… like I’ve had such an easy life. I have I guess, not fighting the universe is most of it. For me, it’s been an excited bewilderment with existence and never a fight to survive. If I die, I die, and one day I will but for now, I will live… kinda thing.

And I never was afraid until about two to three years ago and that fear at that time was the fear of continuing to do what I mustn’t. I had to get out of a relationship that my ideals had me chained to. I did what I had to do to continue to thrive and continue to truly “be alive”… because if I didn’t thrive and truly “live” what good would I be to anyone including myself, my children or my world.

That’s my secret; keep yourself in the good karma, keep yourself solidly in the place where good things come your way and where the universe, in whatever sense is the reality,… where the universe is looking out for you and you just live and can truly “be alive”.

That’s my secret in relationships too. Look out for the other person or people, pay attention to your own shit so you’re not dead weight, and bring good karma. One of the most important things is certainly to bring good karma; and if you partner up, be with someone who brings good karma… or don’t be with any partner at all.

If I die, I die, and one day I will but for now, I will live!


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