The Will to Live

“If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche–How to Philosophize with a Hammer.


Considering the impacts artificial paradigms have physically, psychologically, and environmentally, we need to reconsider the shallow spoon feeding or acceptance of ” why’s” that subvert, oversimplify, and cheapen intrinsic and instinctual will-to-live, even if they seem capable of making a dumb majority happy.

The will to live extends beyond self and you are more than the you that you are living right now. Simple-minded biology may have once made the case that evolutionarily you are yourself only. Begrudgingly the biological stalwarts may have given in that you are your progeny and the genetics in all they become until your line die. We know from the science of today as we had heard from spiritual-cultural knowledge of yesterday that you are all of what life has grown from and into and will become. Quantum entanglement unravels into a story in a higher or another tier of understanding and perception. It is now known that particles and matter–perhaps even more than that–actively affect one another when once together and split apart even if never reunited (if never were possible). Quantum entanglement is the fact of active effect one upon another after separation independent of distance. It is not only magic anymore, it is for minute perception in science a proven fact of existence and of the world, and probably the universe and the all. If in quantum physics we are “entangled” I am happy to suggest that instinctively we are similarly entangled with past and future. In the scientific world, the connection is studied in quantum biology as explanatory toward such mysteries as migrations and migrational adaptations across generations that have never known each other, among other effects and examples.

OK, with that intro, our point will be focused toward this Nietzsche-an quote:

“If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche–How to Philosophize with a Hammer.

Life has an intrinsic and instinctual why that can be unlearned, squelched, perverted, manipulated, or hijacked by us, our environment, our paradigm, our religion, our schooling, and upbringing, or our government. It is there in all of us ready to be equipped and oriented by our particular life experience, interests, and our situational adaptation to environment. It can be replaced with artificial why’s or even replaced with a void.

The void, and often the culmination and unfulfilling nature of artificial why’s may tend to precede lethargy, depression, drug, alcohol, and other dependence, and even unnatural levels of suicide. Perhaps this is why adults often lose their joy and zeal in rising each morning, that they had as children. It also may be at the root of many forms of psychosis and many modern and perplexing syndromes. This is not to say it is the sole point of issue in all of that as many contributing factors certainly do exist. To confuse the point though, every contributing factor is implicated as the cause by the champion of the idea or the research. We often are led to feel we must choose one over another when a number of them are additive to in the overload that results in the problems. Nevertheless, I am suggesting that will-to-live and it’s driving why’s are paramount to psychological health and long-term sociological and, as we will see, ecological prosperity. Authentically energizing this drive which, in natural states, is intrinsically present, is core and central in our time.

The authentic will-to-live is interconnected to discovery of the core why’s of our existence. But not as the toddler level interpretation most biology would iterate, selfish at its core or self-survival oriented. Primal will-to-live is as sophisticated as the mind and body it populates. Neither is it about strict functionality… It is about robust life and living it and bringing pride and shared or new experience to the life that existed long before us and long after us. It is the painting or piecing together of the mosaic that started long before and will continue to unfold long after us. It is the “Jihad” of intentional, experiential, and meaningful existence while we have life in our flesh. I would go s far as to say it is about making sense, deep below our subconscious, of the effort, struggle, and energy that got us to where we are from eons in the past and the soul-felt intrinsic need to set a survival and prosperity pack into the hands and souls of those coming eons from now.

In a more specific sense, a person takes their time coming to terms with their angle on the will-to-live that becomes their foundational why’s and guides them. It can be simple or complicated, but to them, it becomes gospel and vital to their self-fulfillment. Sometimes individuals begin to try to impose their’s on others and/or to judge others for not adopting it in the way they have understood. Wisdom, maturity and a broader range of knowledge about the world help minimize this sociological hiccup, as can cultural tools.



Capitalism is a sociological system that enables a degree of soft control and management of vast populations. Capitalism aims to create an overriding why and a feeling of accomplishment toward such in the will to gather and grow net worth and possessions as a form of security, sustenance, and value to pass on. This activates will-to-live energetics specifically toward the building of robust economy, financial resourcefulness, and innovation. On the other hand, it can sidetrack, derail, or even hijack instinctual and more intrinsic or authentic ecologically tied energetics and drives. It definitely tends to create the infamous “footprint” of humanity that destroys habitats and overuses resources per capita.

Soft-power neo-capitalist and modern financial economic theory have led us to by all means re-orient global populations to center on financial and net worth valuation for survival and hope of prosperity while weaning from natural environmental feedback responsiveness. To many, it has not been soft and often it has plunged the unwilling into poverty to force the point. Lands have been taken and given to those subscribing to capitalism and the ‘possession and financial game’. Psychological and socially, beyond poverty creation followed by trumped-up campaigns of poverty and starvation alleviation, it also sends uncountable numbers of people spiraling into destitution, desperation, addiction, criminalization, or imprisonment. The fact that the majority of these are broken and succumb is questionable ethically. But it by no means is the direct form taken by Stalin who simply rounded up the outstanding, the artistic, the exceptional, idealistic, or outliers on the bell curve related to the paradigm created by the system of politic and put them to death or Siberia. The level of control achieved can be a political win for the power over people in a time when vast swaths of populations are increasingly insecure and menacing to power structures and the status quo. The effect of criminalizing social outliers by forcing an unnatural paradigm endorsed by a majority on them that criminalizes their normal is sketchy and worthy of consideration. It is and has been creating another bubble which is increasingly difficult to manage safely. It is also sketchy in the insufficiency of people to rule intelligently enough not to screw things up ecologically and in a subset of the population, psychologically as mentioned. I would go so far as to say; in modern form, the honed focus of will-to-live why’s on financial well being is becoming arguably disruptive to instinctive self-governing psychology and sociology and by extension to human ability for social populations to interact positively and sustainably within the ecological environment.

On the other hand, achievements have been solid in the globalized economy, continually increasing the complexity of possessions and consumption per capita worldwide. We have seen success in creating opportunities for finance/investment sectors to reach every corner of the world, increased “wealth” accumulation potential, and, as alluded to, multiplication of a near endless consumer base, along with a manageable massive global workforce of willing hands and minds to handle production and service. Capitalism has been a powerful force sufficient to effectively address and benefit from all the less significant problems which it has created. The achievements further accentuate the continued viability of capitalism. It captivates and contains the energy of will-to-live why’s and channels them to the pseudo-cause created by the artificially engineered paradigm of capitalism itself and its ability to supply sufficient happiness, treasure, and the nuanced perception of security.

Negatives of the experiment include unanticipated pandemic level physical, psychological, and sociological effects, global scale environmental collapse, and a domino-effect mass species extinction all of which create an ultra “high maintenance” and excessively confused and complicated humanity with an ever-increasing footprint per capita. The latter, while serving investment, economy, and capitalism as a whole makes us really f-ing top heavy and vulnerable at the community and environmental level. The successes of capitalism are pseudo-cause-feeding/perpetuating while the failures affect the natural functionality of the earth ecosystem and the well being of life in general. Successes feed an arguably make-believe game of modern economy while the failures affect the more absolute realities of life in general. It is the pseudo-cause verses the intrinsic cause of our instinctual/primordial reality. When considered holistically, it is outlandish and ignorant hubris in the n’th degree toward a natural system that makes our own recorded level of intelligence look like degrading sh-t on the beach.



Notable religious and by extension political campaigns which are often not reversible by the authors that create them have uncoupled the responsiveness of human reproduction to environmental and rational reality. This, in some regions, has redirected the rational instinctual environmentally coupled will-to-live why’s to mindless and intuition-less reproduction. This drives or drove the success of political, religious, and often business interests. Lands are conquered by populating them and religions of those populating create the majority and the democratic/demographic power. Excessive multipliers, while themselves often hamstringing their offspring in the process, empower those who ‘farm’ them.

Subverting the rational instinctual and authentic will-to-live formula to drive rapid population opens a can-of-worms as they say. Overpopulation becomes inevitable creating and accentuating poverty, disease, war, and social instability and driving unmanageable levels of migration. Instinctively and biologically, people have the capacity to react proactively and intelligently to the feedback loops of space and environmental capacity in ways rodents are infamous for missing. People are not primarily ecological prey. As predators and one of many keystone species, excessive and unfettered procreation un-responsive to the environment is not natural or authentic. Religion coupled to politics and the less divine political/cultural/religious agenda authors, creates, and sustains an artificial paradigm that drives overpopulation.


So again the quote of the point will be: “If we have our own why in life, we shall get along with almost any how.” Friedrich Nietzsche–How to Philosophize with a Hammer.

Happiness can be achieved through a felt sense of purpose and of successful effort toward such. But, is happiness enough for the age-old saga of life? To classical and contemporary western philosophy, happiness/contentedness, in whatever linguistic terms, was core and fundamental to successful society. Something was oversimplified. Some assumptions may have been wrong or inadequate. In any case, the assumptions created the legacy that Western Society and global cultural assimilation embodies today. Considering the impacts artificial paradigms have physically, psychologically, and environmentally, we need to reconsider the shallow spoon feeding or acceptance of “why’s” that subvert, oversimplify, and cheapen intrinsic and instinctual will-to-live, even if they seem capable of making a dumb majority happy. It’s not any purpose, but more specifically natural purpose that aligns with the fabric of being and instinct that create the deeper more human humanity. And maybe the deeper prosperity the world needs us to achieve is being more deeply and truly human rather than simply being more ‘happy’… achieving deep-set soul-quenching ‘happiness’ in the feeling of our success as humans may be our next and better target.

Science is moving on from dead biology (pun intended) to a deeper and more living view of the world. Quantum level science is rewriting our dead view of reality to a dynamic and living one. Dead statistical and mathematical genetic theory is being rewritten as a dynamic real-time intelligent interchange of information–genetics-by-experience (AKA epigenetics).

It’s 2018; we need to reconsider detachment from nature in all ways beginning with will-to-live why’s. The why that is infused by the paradigm that we pass to the next generation needs to be attached to and authored by the world around us, natural, wild, and instinctual. It needs to be freed from the political, religious, or economic manipulations to the extent that we do not culturally infuse a false and shallow sense of purpose. Rome/Moscow was not built in a day… but a positive future is all about, at the root and core, freedom from a bondage of synthetic psychology and sociology. In the past, influential players learned to use religion and political strength to accentuated advantage. Over this past century, humanity learned how to efficiently use other tools in the hands of power to manipulate and mold the perceptive capacity, motivation, and disconnectedness of majorities within the vast swaths of humanity to achieve easier management and control of law, market, and politic.

As our own science spells back and clarifies to us our level of infinite ignorance toward the whole of the natural world perhaps we are ready to accept the reintroduction to wild and natural responsiveness toward instinct and environment. The deep past, present, and future will-to-live is in all of us, and tied to all who will come after and all who came before. The why’s of will-to-live spring naturally as artesian wells of purity from the souls of unadulterated youth and human-kind just as they do from all other living creatures and things. Are we ready to embrace the fresh waters from within and from nature?

Final quote: Life is easy. ~ Jon Jondai

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