Democracy’s achilles heal

“The engines that generate wealth for the investor class are corporations working in tandem with government.”  These engines control the information feeding the mind of 85% of the world.  Through democracy the entire population is controlled, and society’s system of laws are dictated as appropriate to the consolidation of power and wealth by the few.  The 15% are kept powerless to create change, and their very existence and voice of dissent gives legitimacy to the process of control through democracy.  The constant concern is simply to control the flow of majority information, and thus the mind, of the majority.  It is of utmost importance that the minority voice be maintained as a minority and that they stay peaceful and compliant in doing their job as placeholders required by systematic “freedom”.

4 thoughts on “Democracy’s achilles heal

  1. Modern democracy: Power by a few over all people through manipulation of the majority. Democracy’s “majority” is the puppet dictator, while presidential leaders and politicians are among the ones consolidating power as part of an elite investor class. Domination by “the fittest” in line with materialist atheist philosophy: Many thanks for the contributions of Nietche, and the Third Reich, and Obama’s important leg with the baton in the marathon to control the world’s common folk.

  2. The world is now just varying degrees of refinement toward American social demographics.
    ~5% Elite Investor class(Potential information disseminators)
    ~5% Idealistic diligent thinkers/doers(Potential information disseminators)
    ~90% lnformation vulnerable majority
    ~20-30% minor investor class (benefit materially from the goals of the Elite Investor Class)
    ~20-30% minor idealist thinkers (beliefs often align with the idealists, but thoroughly confused by what can be done)
    ~30-50% won’t bite the hand that feeds them regardless of the future for them or their children.

  3. In democracy/rule by the majority, the ones who control information in the minds of the majority, control all. This is why I said democracy has an important “achilles heal”. The majority can unknowingly become the “puppet dictator” of the powerful few. Everyone else can then be controlled with 100% legitimacy and very little recourse.

  4. What we have come to is in some ways similar to Hitlers Germany, but not to the Soviet Union. The premise that the majority working class are the wisdom of the society is the similarity we have to communism. Communism was not based on sound wisdom in that the premise was to imprison the elite, suppress the thinkers/minority opinions, and run the nation by the average intelligence of the society. As a consequence 70 years yielded very little innovation and nothing more than mediocracy. All societies have the range from below average to brilliant individuals to make inputs into building a great society. Knowledge, wisdom and enlightened intelligence are in every populous, and brilliant systems will empower them. Currently, power rules supreme rather than brilliance or strength of character, therefor our society is not leading toward enlightenment. Hitlers Germany sought out brilliance to benefit the State. Capitalism seeks it out to enrich the economy. To build a positive future we need to empower brilliance and enlightenment for the balanced good.

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