Support the idealism and natural conscience development in the generations who are coming of age.

At the same time raise up truth, declare that truth can be perceived from different angles but is definitely not relative and therefore should be grasped and held onto as a pillar in a world of brainwashing psycho-manipulation where we need sound minds based on logic driven understanding underpinned by a foundation of truth and a thirst for not finance, but knowledge. Knowledge, as it matures, becomes wisdom and leads to well reasoned and successful society.

The aging generations will take this apart and discard it but the generations now coming of age know it is true and accept it, and if not distracted too soon will implement it.

Distractions come in the form of financial struggles, imposed stresses, drugs, entertainment, and sometimes from a willingness to ignore, laugh at, or play with tragedy.

Primordial conscience needs to develop and guide the generations coming of age. We need to vocally and confrontationally through logic and truth bring down the voices of the system trying to put another generation into the mindless trance of social capitalism.

Economic capitalism (called free market) is fine and totally natural, but “social capitalism” is a disaster. Social capitalism is a sort of Genghis-Khan-ism and serves nothing but the temporary conquest of 

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