A good and proper warning to start out such a conversation with:

What have passionate and heartful people conjured up as world changing ideas to create Utopia only to push the vision further away as it played out in a reality different than imagined?

Perfect! Part of knowledge. I am not saying to burn books or cast out the witches, or to make way for a new type of brainwashing. I am not advocating individuals bringing in artificial ideas with the hope of miraculous Utopia. We are talking about a knowledge revolution headed by the current generations to supplant capital as the overriding societal motivator. We are talking about an awakening of world conscience that has been suppressed for so long.

Please understand, we are advocating realism, faith in the good, and knowledge acquisition. We are not trying to create the artificial, but to make a way for the natural again. Capitalism as defined as free market economy is the only natural system, but get it out of culture; get it out of the way of goodness and love; put it back in its cage and on the leash of cultural moderation. If some are greedy, so be it, but don’t promote vise, natural society and every sane man hopes for and desires good. Good societies, therefore, do not promote imbalance and greed. I am advocating that materialism as a promoted value die in 2014 while the quest for knowledge become our passion and our pride.

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