Simple and bountiful agroecology…

carpathians in their gloryOld school agroecology nurturing a balanced presence for centuries is a beautiful thing in 2015. Many of the Carpathian mountain cultures have been a resounding success socially and ecologically. The tomorrow we seek is one that balances the old, the new, and the rediscovered with appropriate design and technology. It is one of balance and reverence for nature.

If you could have a perfect world, what would it look like? You certainly could not easily envision one more perfect than that which we are subjects of and to. The future is about learning and discovery. It is not the learning and discovery of new things, but the mastery of what is here using the enlightened wisdom of all ages and eras. It is the mastery of the great balance.

We have our unique contribution and unique tools available only in our time. Lets use them in balance with all that is good from ancient to modern not to create a perfect world, but to empower greatness and inspiration locally and to work hard with our friends neighbors and colleagues to open source success and build a globally connected sustainable autonomous network of stewardship around the globe. Let knowledge—true and relevant knowledge—be crowned as king with wisdom, integrity of conscience, and tenacious social oomph for goodness, peace, and joy. May blessing be on this great and budding revolution!


#revolution #permaculture #enlightenment #spirituality #science #community #local

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