Feeding the world.. what a silly concept!

Sustainable Agriculture comment about feeding 10 bn people:

Socio-Agro-ecologist says:

Feeding 10 bn…
We don’t need to feed 10 bn. Every community needs to feed itself.

Feeding the world should not even be in our sustainable agriculture vocabulary!

Promoting the need to feed the world has been one of the most damaging ideas ever promoted. The only winner has been the industrial agriculture complex… not even that, only the investors in big ag and the investors now buying up the worlds unused farmland from Africa to Asia and now back to the Americas.

I’ll say it again, every community needs to feed itself! Even the cities through permaculture, aqua/aero/hydroponics and the promotion and support of nearby ag lands need to feed themselves! There is no we in all of this that need to feed the world. We need to live in each of our ecosystems as net contributors and build a future out of the mess left by previous generations parasitism of the earth.

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