My Comment on mining permits in Prime Farmland

Brady Girt Socio-Agro-ecologist says:

Modern ag can be not only sustainable but regenerative, admittedly most is not, but we have the knowledge to be.

That said, how could any good policy take prime ag land and give it to an industry that could never be sustainable?

I am not ready to discount mining as past its time, rather I would assert that it is past its prime..

We are at a point where cycling what has already been mined can maintain a high level of production without addition any from further mining (Iron, minerals, carbon sources). Save the resources for future generations’ “rainy day”, and save the prime ag. lands to produce, if nothing else, energy crops to prevent the need for mined Carbon.

No, any conversion of prime ag lands to mining is parasitic disease of a sick economic system. If you are borrowing from Tom to pay Allis, you are economically sick. If you are not doing it with a plan to get on your feet and avoid it tomorrow, you are sick and ready to die.

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