Response to a discouraged biologist who believes nature may not be the answer…

I appreciate your perspective, really interesting. We are a million miles apart in perspective and in the direction in which we see hope for the future. I agree that there are components of our civilization that are 100% counter-sustainable. One example may be the complete overriding of natural survival which over time would tend to create greater and greater dependence on the unnatural and unsustainable systems that we cobble together like mud brick skyscrapers.

My belief is that it is much easier to convert our culture and society to sustainable ways now, than it will be the further we get out into the future. Biomimicry is not a word I often use, but natural systems show us sustainable and regenerative systems which rely on the natural energy flows. With our degree of knowledge, innovation, and technology, I think we can do better and better over time. I would look to nature as our guide and I feel we need to be cautious about going into uncharted waters that though supplying critical needs of the present don’t logically give any hope of sustaining over the long term. Technology is a tool we should hold high. Appropriate technologies, as defined by their ability to accomplish the desired ends without producing greater harm, are the ones we should put forth. The phrase itself should become a household cliche and daily thought.

It is certainly good that we, in the greatest age of knowledge and information transfer and the greatest time of collaborative thought, are the generation to confront some of human life’s greatest challenges.

Nice to meet you friend!

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