How to explain life: as a cold dead scientific conglomerate of wishy washy half truths, the same from religion, or is it the other choice?

As you may have guessed, I have feet sort of in both camps and sort of in neither. I have never been able to draw out the cold hard “nails it” part of evolution as an explanation of life from the minerals up. I am also not hip on accepting someone’s fables for lack of a solid explanation.

I am actually content to say I don’t know and to confidently say that the truth is, the most advanced scientists don’t know why and how. This is about a powerful pervasive order and regenerative design essentially creating daily magic (scientific and statistical impossibilities) on our planet. For the explanation science really has to be bent and even then come up short. I don’t think science should be bent. Rather, I think religion should be reformed and re-purposed in our minds as the sister to science. Religion and Spiritual study should step up to the plate as the study of the life force, the energy that is not energy, the force that bends the laws of science and statistics. Buddha as a seeker sought it out but never fully found more than the realization of its unknowability. Einstein, as a scientist left it alone as outside of the realms of quantum physics and altogether beyond science.

Perhaps the explanation or religion itself is not so significant as the acknowledgement of an existence that science sits upon as a subordinate.

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