Societal change unlike maintenance democracy does not take a majority in solidarity…It does take a strong minority with solidarity and wisdom

The rifts in humanity are minimal if you take away their utilization in divide and conquer strategies. The world may not look like it to our system-provided 3-D adventure glasses, but the world’s humanity is actually more unified and “together” than ever before in history. The econo-politik manipulates differences to amplify need for greater military and governance.

All we need is to sidestep the “3-D adventure glasses” and enter the knowledge and conscience revolution that is upon us full force. We do not need a majority, as societal change never required a majority support. The majority, often called the “dumb” (voiceless & undecided) majority, is waiting for “life’s active participants” to solve the world’s problems while they ‘watch the game’ and have another joint or cocktail.

Life’s active participants are positioned for solidarity if issues are honed to exclude “the chaff”. We need to fan the flame of the knowledge and conscience revolution while continuing to work out the details of how to get where we know we need to go.

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