“Grassroots governance”

“Grassroots governance” is local governance of government for the people and by the people.

It should be an NGO (non-governmental organization). It should become a worldwide network. Local representatives should be elected by an innovative form of wisdom empowering democracy. It should be marked by friendly public debate with an absence of any concept of winner except the whole, and a joy not from pride, but from furthering knowledge. It should also be marked by radical ideas like the organization of local health provisions including doctors, nutritionists, dentists, farmers, voluntary public owned insurance… Public servants in the movement should be just that, those who are happy to operate as sustainable non-profit entities (Representatives, doctors, accountants, lawyers, dentists). Take note, that most people are not only non-profit, they often operate at an increasing deficit. The increasing deficit is often masked by the magic effect of endless growth type of snakeoil, AKA steal it from your children and grandchildren or those of others. Those who would like to pursue material wealth and the old dreams of capitalism would be free to do so, though predominant societal value would not lean that direction. The biggest difference would be that enlightened society will not allow wealth by systemic parasitism, theft, corruption, or racketeering (the most common methods of today).

Grassroots governance would recruit participation from the current democratic system which does not serve anyones “best” interests. (Corporations are not “anyone”, and those benefiting from them are stealing from their childrens future, aka, not in their “best” interests.) The corporations are winning while all life on earth including every single person are losing. People who used to spend time money and resources in campaigns of of futility can spend the energy promoting the well being of theirs and the worlds community is a system that governs the other system by right and by ingenuity in solidarity.

“Grassroots governance” is to harness and continue to use the other monster to achieve lifesize goals in the real world.

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