Key concepts:


  1. Grassroots Governance to locally govern the government for the people and by the people (worldwide NGO).
  2. Knowledge/wisdom acquisition culturally trumping capital acquisition (reforming capitalism, or putting it back on its cultural leash.)
  3. Local control of local resources with world conscience oversight through science with some teeth
  4. Building primarily conscience governed society rather than primarily law governed society
  5. Reforming democracy or simply “governance” to draw out societies greatest wisdom


Success means a inclusion of the tribes:


  1. Agnostic
  2. Atheist
  3. Indigenous
  4. Hindu
  5. Buddhist
  6. Christian
  7. Muslim
  8. ?
  9. Granola
  10. Youth
  11. Retired
  12. Working class
  13. Business
  14. Sporty
  15. Computer
  16. Techno
  17. Retro
  18. Progressive
  19. Traditional
  20. Rich
  21. Poor
  22. Old money
  23. New money
  24. Democrat
  25. Republican
  26. Libertarian
  27. Socialist
  28. Anarchist
  29. ?


Knowledge: (Refine the gold out of the rock and focus on that.) The non-gold portions are what cause the divisions…

  1. Deep knowledge vs. shallow knowledge
  2. Truth vs. theory
  3. Nature respecting vs. nature confronting
  4. Necessary vs. frivolous
  5. Rational vs. irrational
  6. Logical vs. illogical
  7. ?

Debate not for the art or competition, but for the acquisition of truth (everybody wins, and friends happily debate publicly ending with either closure or open ended. Let no one ever “win” an enlightened debate. And let the debate between friends become commonplace in a society where knowledge acquisition for societal wisdom building becomes common place. Embrace culture, religion, and science as adaptive and accepting of new ideas. Separate knowledge and wisdom far above the three. Religion and science seek out truth. Culture integrates it, and the result is societal knowledge and wisdom growing over time. This is a practice in humility and self sacrifice for the cause. The cause is knowledge and wisdom in society and empowerment of an ecologically symbiotic species.

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