Confuse “knowledge” with hooplah, and you will get hooplah in return.

What are we here for is a question to put forth to our children and challenge them to find the answer. Scientific answers never suffice. Religious answers range from nonsense to parts of the obvious. People interestingly must discover for themselves.

However, to minimize the question or to reduce its significance is foolish at best and disastrous at worst. This fits into the “knowledge revolution” and the building of (informing of) conscience. Life is spiritual surrounded by physical and metaphysical.

What I am saying is the wise teacher informs no more than they truly know and sets the student running in the adventure of discovery. Currently, we, like the old soviet system, act as if we know everything except the tiniest details, when in fact we know very little and understand even less.

Youngers do not respect elders in this age for good reason. Elders are leaving a mess without apology and at the same time explaining the “truth” about everything trying to program “proper behavior” into the youngers. Then upon not succeeding they proceed to outbid the youngers at the polls and in the money game.

Listen, you cannot have good society until the elders are respect worthy and respected by the “youngers”. You cannot have that until you get honest and humble about life and start living unselfishly. We need a deep knowledge and conscience revolution. It is budding and ready to flower. We need to nurture it and honor it with honest integrity and selfless soul.

The point to be drawn from this is a “deep knowledge revolution to inform powerful conscience” is pretty grassroots. Since we now teach the things we do not know with great effort, we make people search for the simple truths that are very knowable and vital to societal foundations. We need to get the foundations of knowledge right and quit pretending to be so wise and all knowing–knowledge informs conscience as a foundation to build society on. Confuse “knowledge” with hooplah, and you will get hooplah in return.

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