Turning the ship

The population is livable and growth is waning once the “great fill-in” is complete. The problem is the way we live on the planet. We have minds and capacity to adapt. Do we choose to live as parasites, do we choose neutral impact on our ecosystem, or do we choose net positive impact. Right now it is the stage when a parasite is literally killing its host. Therefore, I would say we need to choose “net positive” impact and adapt our cultures appropriately. 

Obviously, we just need to choose and in solidarity create our legacy. The world is democratic, essentially (mob rule currently, and that mob is controlled like a puppet by criminals). However much we believe in democracy, it will not create change rapidly. Information just getting into education often takes 20 years. 

Influential population blocks lead world society. Democracy does not. 
Democracy could if we were a knowledge based society and we set it up to bring out the greatest wisdom of that society, but that is not our current situation. Therefore democracy actually hinders change. Change must come from our ability to influence and lead out into the future that we choose. 

In our current phase our ideals are gaining influence and respectability. At the same time we are finally evolving socially learning what is important and what differences can be left to each his own. When we have solidarity of sufficient “tribes” (modern marketing term) to lead the world forward I am sure we will do it full speed ahead. In the meantime, we will naturally begin to suddenly make headway in the political arena. 

Again, currently metamorphosis is going on in our species, this leads to a swath of the most influential individuals of the planet changing everything from business to community, leading the world forward rapidly into the complete butterfly supported by the finally amiable politik of the world governments. Those who lag behind at that time will be the ones to suffer for inaction in the way of disease and lacking of their basic necessity. 

When we do this, it is an action that cannot stall or wait on stragglers. Movement must be rapid, sustained, and determined knowing where we are going. Now is our time to prepare. 

It can be likened to a sailing experience: 
I was on a catamaran (small sail boat) with a friend in an island atoll in the Pacific, we found ourselves suddenly in a pass in waves the size of 2 story houses with no radio being rapidly carried out to sea. He was learning to sail and I knew nothing. We formulated a plan, with his incomplete knowledge, of how to instantly spin the boat 180 degrees as we approached the tip of a wave–a little too soon, or a little too late it and it would capsize. We planned well, threw the sails and were instantly going 50 miles an hour in the right direction without a care in the world. 

This is how we spin our world society back around to sustainable existence.

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