3-Balance of increase-occupy utopia

The current cycle of life has divided age-groups and successively leaves every generation with an earth ecosystem/resource-base less than that of the parents. How do we break the cycle?

We are currently pushing a “bottom-line” foundation to the core of society and all our systems. The bottom-line of today is economic wealth and financial prosperity. It is a pipe dream. It is based on endless growth. The earth is not growing, while the population and consumption per person is.

In the most basic sense, how do we change this?

We need to balance our accounting sheet. Our accountant has been drunk and lazy in Rastafariland, content with marijuana and pipe dreams. We are not. We want balance. We want to balance our account sheet so we don’t leave the business of earth ecosystem in shambles for our children and theirs.

Dollars and economic prosperity are carrots effectual in the urging of people toward positive ambition. Carrots urge the oxen forward in training. When the oxen understand, they eat the carrot and the grass in plenty as a result of symbiotic life according to their and their peoples’ wisdom driven integrity. Well-trained-oxen work hard for the vision contained in the heart of the farmer with the relationship of trust. The farmer gathering the hay says “Gee” and the oxen turn right, “haw” and they turn left, the hay is put away in a symbiotic relationship that allows the ox to live in plenty during the cold hard winter.[1]

Capitalism prominently guides the untrained in the foolishness-of-youth to the integrity of balanced ambition guided by solid values. In a better world, what comes out of it?

The 3-balance of increase

  1. Sustenance: Increase of the needs store in season for material provision of people, livestock, pets, and machines
  2. Society: Increase in the embodied wisdom, deep quality of life, and cohesion of society
  3. Ecology: Increase in the mass of minerals wrapped up in the biological life cycles of local.

Let’s keep capitalism in perspective in the optimization of ambition in young people. Let the mature progress to maturity of 3-balance.


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