Organic Agriculture: A model to re-green the planet

The knowledge gained in organic agriculture regarding the fact that 1.) agriculture does not need synthetic chemicals and 2.) the knowledge of how to optimize and supercharge soil health can save our planet and get us out of this CO2 imbalance mess.

Agriculture alone cannot do this. Applying the principles to the marginal lands of the world to supercharge ecology and re-establish large portions of marginal desertified lands as fertile green belts and re-building the worlds forest ecosystems to the vibrancy and massive biology of their potential can rapidly balance CO2 back into solid biologically cycling form. Essentially, organic ag teaches us how to re-green the planet without the use of toxics, but rather through the building up of soil to create a greater and greater mass of biology both in the soil and in the plant and animal life that such rich and vibrant soils can support.

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