Freedom and Unalienable rights

It is most certainly correct and self evident even to the non-spiritual that we do not own the earth or its resources or its creatures, but we do own our systems and certain rights in our person. 

With ownership comes responsibility. Usurping such responsibility is reprehensible, however, we cannot force belief and action on anyone. Instead, their reward, and I am no expert of what the various belief systems teach on this, is in their hands whether it is the beautiful posterity they leave next generations or some troubles or benefits thereafter. 

It is self evident that we “own” our systems and our rights and that such ownership comes with relevant responsibility. Some of that is in assuring the access to such rights by others and some is in maintaining our own, still more is in harnessing and controlling the human systems for positive affect. Righteous integrity is embodied in the energy and self sacrifice we put forth toward the stewardship of these responsibilities for the good of life on earth.

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