On reading a couple of articles about the extinction of birds I began weeping uncontrollably. I love the birds. I love mornings because of the birds. I love evenings for the swallows. On our farm we have often failed to pursue profits, but never have we failed to increase the bird habitat and achieve the yearly reward of a new species or two in our farm and forest ecosystem. With my experience in life of the songbird and the swallow, I don’t think I could live in a world without birds just as I don’t think I could live without the stars. I once promoted a religious bent, at another time a political bent…what is that? What are we doing to our world? Where does this insanity come from?

A lot of our fetish important focuses become so unimportant when laid alongside the destruction of world ecosystem. The last time I cried like this was when I saw the proud news of all night bombings of Afghan villages by the US military which lasted for nearly 3 months without ceasing. My tears lasted as well, and my helplessness. I have not hardened, though my tears usually only begin to come and then stop. I have evolved a heart to bear things a little longer until we change our world. Now the US is calling out Russia for human rights abuses and the whole world is ready for more war, war to distract us from fixing our world and our insane human impacts. All the world’s prominent governments are criminal mafia cartel rings for racketeering and plunder and we now need to slowly and steadily reign them in so as to avoid the back swing into total anarchy and loss of understanding. The world’s people are now mobilized and sufficiently together in heart as never before. Let each one of us be strong in heart and soul, build up personal conscience according to realities on the ground, and by the turn of the new year be ready to live or die by ideals and conscience. The heartless world of dollar pimping and material selfishness over soul is coming to an end and the triumphant soul of man (both male and female) is on the rise!

Now though, all I want to do is cry a little longer…

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