Ideological revival of Justice, Law, and Liable enforcement:

Rough Brainstorm on key points of restraining the fascist tendency in the pursuit of efficient governance: (written and not yet re-read, open for comments):

  1. Disobedience of a law that itself is illegal is not disobedience or the breaking of law as such a law is ‘not to be considered any law at all.’ Civil disobedience does not make anyone a rebel or a lawbreaker, much less a criminal. It makes them at least nothing in particular, and potentially the best of model citizens.
  2. Arbitrarily forcing obedience to law is extremely tenuous, legally and morally risky, and completely irresponsible. Due diligence in the assessment of the law needs to be performed at every step in the chain of authority, personally assessing the indisputable constitutionality and legality of the law. Any individual link in the chain of the enforcement of an illegal law is fully liable for damages both real and felt.
  3. Shielding of public servants from liability is immoral and irresponsible. All of those in public service are to be held to the model standard thereby drawing and requiring the best of citizens to fill the need. Shielding of public servants from any degree of liability will guarantee the existence of corruption and criminality in such public service. Public servants acting in their official capacity have less, not more, rights than common citizens who have not accepted an oath of office.
  4. Liability means accountable to provide full and sufficient retort for any and all damages for actions or inactions to the fullest extent of the definition.
  5. The liability of any individual toward government, corporations, and other individuals individuals must be limited and shielded sufficiently for a free and open society to exist. The standing for personal lawsuit shall not exist for any law that is shrouded with any degree of controversy and no exercise of personal right shall give standing for any lawsuit against an individual. Every individual must feel secure and protected in their person both from outside criminality and from bullying through legal and governmental channels, so that they can pursue ‘life liberty and happiness’ in peace.
  6. Corporation and businesses are not individuals. Any business separate from the individual or netting more than 2 times the average income in the particular locality shall incur a greater liability than the individual and a locally contrived operational environment to assure that the human systems benefit life and limit negative impacts to ‘life on earth’.
  7. Any personal exercise of rights may not diminish the rights and resources of any living or yet future individual. Personal use of resources is a guaranteed right, but that guarantee only stretches to the point where an equal return of equally clean and usable resource value is returned to the system. In other words, no one has a right to parasitize any location, or system on the planet for personal, community, or egalitarian goals.
  8. Common citizens accused of a crime have their full rights. Practically speaking, if there is a strong body of evidence for their guilt, they may be held in conditions similar to their normal life until and unless the full course of trial proves that they absolutely are guilty without any place for doubt, at which time they lose some of their rights. If the evidence is tenuous and they are a flight risk, they may be watched within the bounds of legality for any citizen and nothing more. They are free and have all the rights of any common citizen. Any citizen may, for just cause be compelled by government or community to face trial. At their request it may be necessary to pay the full cost for the performance of their duties or jobs and to provide transportation to the court from a meeting place of their choosing. Inconvenience is not to be unduly felt by the accused, though such can be later collected in similar form if they are found without any place for ‘shadow of doubt’ to be guilty.
  9. There can be no compromise in the system of justice regarding the rights of the accused. Any such systematic compromise would render the system similar or worse than a local vigilante legal system. It may be worse in that the authority and the inability for personal resistance is far greater in the case of modern government.

Key words of the Revolution:

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