Deep knowledge in local environment when collectivized in community knows what others can only presume and does what others only consider.


It isn’t that truth does not exist; it is simply that our perspective is so narrow at its widest angle that our mosaic of understanding and all that we know will always be part and portion of reality and deep understanding.

An aspect of wisdom is to be sure in what your heart, mind, and soul is behind in faith and confidence. All other is supporting presumption. In fact what you know is also presumption, but while open to all challenge as long as mind, heart, soul are engaged and convinced go with what you know! The one who knows nothing accomplishes very little. It’s like considering an adventure trip of discovery. If you do not go in faith you will not go, or at least you will not go with liberty of soul. I “know” things that you understand to be presumption. None of us can establish anything substantial as fact.

What is Truth?  Truth by definition exists independent of opinion or knowledge. Truth is an abstract reality that is none the less real; anyone knowing or not is irrelevant to the fact. It is abstract and even sublime in that truth comes in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes truth is different according to perspective or individual, at other times it is universal. Most truth is not known, and the bulk of the rest is difficult for creatures to ever know for sure. The Sufi mystics questioned the reality of the material world. The question is valid, but the result may not be. Natural law imides faith in the reality of the material world for definite reasons; the material world is real by effect and service. Material may not actually have a surface in the material sense; what an enigma. The hard surface of material is not defined materially. It is thought to be defined through electromagnetic energy, though that is an open question. It could be argued that it is an irrelevant question. The effect and service of material is our reality and arguably the relevant truth. This is where sublime truth is a matter of perspective while nonetheless true.

Statistics are true, but always slightly less than their claim. They are true generalities that have no bearing on actual reality. They allow us to inadequately understand things—often improperly but conveniently—with confidence. This means, we want to know and understand our surroundings and how they are affecting or will affect ourselves and others. Statistics gives us confidence of understanding, but not understanding. It gives us general predictability but not predictability. Arguably a large enough data set can describe the organism of humanity—for example—just not the individual. The human lifespan is perhaps, baring accident, early onset illness or significantly impure environment, usually 70 to 90 years across the globe but sometimes 10 to 160 years more or less. Statistics can predict probability probably; but the actual individual can just as easily be an outlier as an inlier defined not by the data set but by the individual particulars and with zero margin for error. Therefore, statistics speaks not to the reality, but to the generality. Another major constraint of statistics is the dis-acknowledgment of sublime factors such as universally imbedded pushers, spiritual effects, karma, etc.

The usefulness of the topic (In drawing conclusions of mission strategy and steps):

Define the boundaries of presumptions that the tribe or council can accept. Make sure that all collective presumptions pass the test of rationality according to the local book of nature and the relevant data set including scientific, historical, and experiential data. The data set in 2015 is highly organized and accessible when those searching seek out all sides, critique, and belief. The local book of nature is seldom seriously read and properly interpreted in our era, though this trend is on the rise globally through the indigenous revolution.

Let the pushers and drivers of each particular, be those with a passionate drive girded with practical and rational understanding of the presumption. To them, the presumption is “known” and so it must be. Our world functions in this manner. People act with integrity and long standing resolve only in what they “know.” The best way to quell revival is to inoculate uncertainty and the best way to do this is through propaganda. This is where a shallowly knowledgeable populous is vulnerable to control through “experts”, statistical manipulation, and repetitive assertion; and where a deeply knowledgeable public is not. Knowledge is not the statistical generalities or the instilled presumption that have been called research; it is the deep union with nature filled in with science, history, and experience; that then, digested and internalized through a lively existence in the relevant environment with plenty of time in meditative consideration and reflection, and discussion with community. Deep knowledge in local environment when collectivized in community knows what others can only presume and does what others only consider.

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