Voting Rights Extended to age 13…(super short)

I said shockingly: “Let’s now move for the full voting rights down to age 13.” I mean it and can support it. In short form, following is a key concept in empowering democracy.

Start by extending full voting rights down to age 13 in an unprecedented move to reach a societal artery vested in the future. Let’s further link full retirement acceptance to loss of voting right. The idea is to change the dynamic of how we perceive our contribution to the whole. Retirement should not only be acceptance of reliance on the system, but also on the younger people that make up that system.

Youngers are the vested builders of civilization. Elders are the equippers of the youngers and selfishness must end. Dependance on the youngers, at least politically, will tie the generational gap together again in the long run, without which we cannot build enduring civilization.

Elders should have amassed respectability and great wisdom. If they have, losing their voting rights will not affect their influence. If they have grown to retirement age without amassing respectability, their loss of influence is no loss to the whole.

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