Midnight Musings of the Farmer and Scientist of Fertile Valley

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Don’t ask why I filled the propane bottle at midnight to supply the breakfast cooking for the morning. It was my chance to gaze up and see the stars and moon move. No, it was with a little concentration and rational thought, the clouds that actually moved. Suddenly the moon was bright and in high definition and speaking its rational to me…

While our advertised world is gloating in self deceived science, peculiar observations are emerging. A mindful few are glimpsing the irony of the abandonment of earth centric universe perception for a humanity that belongs to earth.

The story goes something like this:

The film goers at first thought the characters on the screen real. Adventurous ones climbed the stage to discover them instead to be lively pictures telling vivid stories in a new version of active pictorial story telling. It awed them at first, until they settled into the enjoyment of the stories and a love of film. One day adventurous souls took the projector and film from one of the presentation halls. While the stories played on, and the naïve participants of cinema enjoyed what they thought to be pictorial stories, a growing number of people found the real truth of the ruse. A brave and intelligent few had cracked the charade. In fact, it was not a story at all, but rather, complex shading on transparent resin strip that with focused light cast shadows upon the screen.

With the new found understanding that what had intrigued and entertained them were spots and shadows, they began to look at drawings and paintings only to find upon micro-observation that they were not the pictures they appeared to be. They were not even recognizable through microscopic examination. Soon the scientific reports and lab manuals were indeed found to be false. They were, upon micro-inspection, not pages with words at all, but compressed fibers with aggregate groups of dots forming what only appeared to be words to the simpleton’s perspective.

Thus over time the whole of humanity was informed and written language soon went out of vogue as the human understanding of the depth of all things evolved onward. Eventually the drive to expand communication gave rise to story telling used to pass on information and eventually inventive innovators found a way to etch stories upon stone to catalogue the achievements of man in this great evolution of understanding.

The allegory of possibility took me away though; it was the stars that began my story. At one time naïve humanity looked at the stars as beings of their own, and a universe of mystery and intrigue. Through decades and centuries of observation familiarity discovered stories and revealed mysteries. Our forefathers discovered from the stars and created wonders in their shadows and the capture of their travels and lightings. They found meaning that directed discovery and what they thought was an “enlightened” view of the world they lived in. They used the stars and heavenly bodies as the basis of culture and the design of architecture. They navigated and positioned architecture with mathematical and astrological precision and in fact discovered most all forms of math, the golden mean, high levels of engineering, and mysteries that we wonder about today. They machined, hewed, and hauled massive stones of such size and precision that we could not do it today, using them to build with such precise location and orientation that festival days were marked by cosmic lighting with laser accuracy. They correctly foretold a thousand years ahead, the precise migrations of planets.

They revered the stars and the story they told them as if it were reality. Naïve they were, as we proved when we launched ourselves and our amplified eyesight into space and discovered a world multiplied infinitely of random masses and anti-masses aggregated in universe after universe, much like the atoms that make up all matter on earth with their orbiting some-things that we are not sure to be something.

They directed their lives and festivals by the understandings they derived from the heavenly bodies. How odd they were compared to us who direct our lives and festivals in pursuit of dollars and the quest for capital. We have discovered so much of the truth and depth of our no longer so mysterious existence. No matter the mystery our truth is recorded somewhere or known by someone until proven otherwise the year after next.

We even discovered that life itself was not actually life, but a chemistry dance of reactions and some sort of quasi-energy that is no doubt described somewhere or soon to be. Happiness, though not much of a natural occurrence in many circles any more, is nothing substantial anyway, just perception induced by chemistry in a dance with both external and internal stimuli. Though not of great quality, we can chemically produce its general effects. In fact, we have drug use to pandemic proportions in the modern human search to chemically replicate what we once found in the quality of life, community, relationships, and our connection to the earth. Those ones are foolish, since there are pharmacological prescriptions that can provide similar effects with less risk and much more close supervision by professionals. Life is certainly near to her human controlled zenith, though the masses are increasingly diseased by new syndromes, allergies, and depressions. Life is certainly near to evolve to the next state though we are effecting a mass extinction of biological diversity, increasingly polluted waters, and air that is rapidly shifting out of balance for what our wisdom presumes to be a regimented yet randomly evolved planetary chaos.

Chemistry will solve it…it must… since all and everything that we know is that, and a hologram, smoke, and mirrors. Chemistry nails it! Matter charged space supported by energized micro-universes called atoms. The stool and the holy and revered laboratory bench and equipment are nothing but a multi-sensory hologram deceiving the naïve. It isn’t really there; our science has discovered near to everything and is soon to find the rest. Religions, magic, spiritual considerations… all fools games of self deception. We have a platform, a synthetic invented dimension of sorts, to understand even the great and broad depths of the universe and the hidden truths of our existence in 2015. Bill Nye will tell you, tell on Bill.

As this brief story began “While our advertised world is gloating in self deceived science, peculiar observations are emerging. A mindful few are glimpsing the irony of the abandonment of earth centric universe perception for a humanity that belongs to earth.”

Just as the ant that looks from the view of the man is blinded to its own world, so the man that looks from the view of the ant is similarly blinded.

The world, it seems, is me-centric no matter who you are, as our senses perceive reality properly only from that angle and that level of magnification. Seek out the gold at the end of the rainbow or the glory of the rainbow itself once you perceive the hologram. We may choose to live a fool’s game of ignorance built on a view of our film through a microscope, but there will be no ultimate sense understood of the film whose message was for real. Understanding is a rational exercise that comes in clarity particularly to the grassroots!

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