Ecosystem or bust~Paint the future

Parque-Nacional-Queulat-Aysen Region…If humanity fails to perfect and populate agrarianism and such a coexistent purpose, we will see a collapse that will recycle most of us and ours and set in motion a long term thousands of year cycle of re-generation…

The Timing of Now:

The internet—invented, developed and ready to evolve—is now in the place to shift the paradigm to something more relevant, to anchor us to top heavy systems and civilization of today, or to the ultimate control systems many fear. Modern computing is finally substantially tackling the issue of relevant information aggregation, collective intelligence, and by extension, artificial intelligence. The data age has finally achieved a near definitive classification and real time description of individuals that can enable so much control by governance and corporate interests that it could put masses in ‘the bite’. Quantum physics has scientifically re-positioned individuals and communities of individuals back in the center of their universe, and re-placed observation as a key component to actual reality as once imagined and more lately mocked. Sentience as the capacity to feel, perceive, or experience subjectively, is now documented to all forms of life yet studied, as also explicit memory has been associated to water and other forms of matter.

Meanwhile, quantum computing is under development with actually functional machines—operating at near absolute zero—showing capacity to relevantly aggregate data and information in seconds and minutes that last year would have taken 10’s and 100’s of years with standard computing. The next stages of getting to functional status at reasonable temperatures may be around the corner in the field of bio-quantum discovery and bio-mimicry as some aspects of instinct seems to function by variables of quantum computing. The point here is that power is now-again, literally in what we know and in who knows what. The mass or people on the planet will either be empowered to betterment by the coming age, confused by it, or used by it, and which will likely depend on systems and platforms of collaboration created today to build egalitarian in-roads for tomorrow.

Our world system and the average of total ecology is rapidly degrading, desertification is accelerating, extinction of diverse creatures—flora, fauna, and otherwise—is accelerating, and deep-set health-system-autonomous human-health is declining all over the world. The balance of our earth is sustained by sufficient plant growth, the level of current decline of which is throwing the balance of our air off, which is throwing the acidity of our oceans out of balance.

Simplifying climate change to one variable:

The same amount of light hits the earth every year, but in the expanding absence of green land area, more of that sunlight simply heats the bare earth and surrounding area and less of it is instead captured by leaves into photosynthesis to hard-form energy that is not heat but would be in the absence of plants. Soil, as nearly all non-photosynthetic organisms, feeds on some degrading form of that captured sunlight that has been converted miraculously by plants to carbonaceous hard energy. Soil is the living breathing and reproducing organism key to abundance.

The soil feeds the plant which creates more energy from the “nothing” that would otherwise be simply heat upon the land held into the earth by atmospheric “insulation”. On land in the absence of forests in the mountains, vibrant nutrient flow estuaries and of vibrant growth elsewhere, rain simply washes away what soil exists little by little over time and even the raw materials of degrading rock… Off to the oceans and seas they travel, lowering the land area and growth potential and raising the oceans in elevation and in nutrient load. The land loses the nutrition and the soil itself, and the sea gains it in increasing excess flowing through the rivers.

The same land that grew old growth forests with trees as large as houses and to 450 feet in height, that when I was young in the 80’, produced 200 foot trees, now charts a course that under modern practice will become the low pine forests of Spain, and then the barren deserts of Lebanon. Now on an average slope in the land of the Giant redwoods and firs, trees begin to die at 150 feet and 60 or 70 years old where giants once lived for 500 to 3000 years and reached 300 to 469 feet or more. The forests used the nutrition and held and built the soil that would otherwise go to the sea. The Salmon returned what nutrition was lost from all sources back to the mountains to sustain a seemingly endless supply of nutrition and growth.

Now the Salmon are only a few ambassadors of their past millions, and the drain again is one directional to a sea that is acting as a sponge to absorb the CO2 overload in the atmosphere resulting from the loss of forest and green and the increasingly plant and soil deprived world. With the extra CO2, it is becoming too acidic to thrive at full potential resulting in undersea die-offs and more. Without the salmon in mass, the forests will plateau and diminish over time, unless another was to bridge their ecological place until salmon runs can be restored. Absent that, the great millennia old forests of the non-tropics will vanish across the planet over time as they are very visibly doing now. Their place will shift further north as heat melts ice caps and floods oceans and lowlands. In the north the fish still run somewhat and higher temperatures can perhaps build a semblance of what was once further south in lands that see 20 hours of daylight in summer and 4 in winter. Whether that is a cushion or a stray thought, we overplayed our hand in a game we did not understand.

In short:

The self sustaining systems of the planet are faltering because we are failing to work with the diversity of the earth as the growers of green or because we are preventing those who would and the rest of the diversity from such. Meanwhile, no coherent “tribe”—in a marketing/political sense—of those seeking an earth-symbiotic future society of humanity has yet congealed of the masses endeavoring to such. The organized force of humanity and the paradigm itself is still fully extractionist and oriented around wealth and power derived from privilege. The true resource is ecosystem and all wealth is owned by place and locale. Our future is in priming a pump, so to speak, or kick-starting a self perpetuating system that owns our science, our society, and all power and life. If humanity fails to perfect and populate agrarianism and such a coexistent purpose, we will see a collapse that will recycle most of us and ours and set in motion a long term thousands of year cycle of re-generation. Many of the organisms of the earth will die-off completely, and our legacy will be our evil wrought upon the whole.

forward or back


Therefore the timing; considering technical capacity and coming of age, environmental imperatives, and the fact that we actually know how this process of subverting disaster starts, leads the agrarians of tomorrow to collaborative action and intent here and now. Stay tuned or dive in to see WildCommons and others built by the many, launched, and growing in the intended project period of the next 2 years.



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