Conscience explained

Conscience in youth is vibrant and full of faith.  It is sort of fickle, and imprecise.  It is beautiful!  Rightfully, while knowledge and experience are minimal conscience is not really ready to navigate the reinvention of the world.  Nurtured; it develops naturally as a muscle toward endurance, precision, and confidence.  Natural Conscience when regularly exercised becomes a tool for the goodness of community and world.  Like a true hypotheses, when it is proven it is fully believed and acted upon in full.P1010256 Conscience is a goodness seeking internal drive with a pre-programmed structure and sort of a bare bones value system.  It is adaptive and elegant and normal to the human experience.  Primordial Conscience links the term rightfully to our nature.  This is the conscience to be nurtured and exercised. Synthetic Conscience conversely links the term to manipulative development for life in captivity.  This is the fully developed conscience that is normal to authoritatively controlled society.  It is one that they program to create a useful or amiable and subordinate populous.

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