Intention of this blog

I intend to publish on everything pertaining to a bold and deep future where our generation learns and leads. I have been meditating in the woods on the organic farm where my family and I support our life these days. A world crying for imminent positive change is clear, community-collaborative-synergism the obvious route, fresh and brilliant ideas the vehicle.

We must take action to rebuild our relationship with the world and each other and turn our backs on synthetic mindsets and solutions. We have the world’s vast history as a lesson board, the well stocked internet as a library, and mother nature as our teacher.  Both artist and scientist will fly with the bees to nectar flows of hope and bring them to community. The artist must create and the scientist  must discover and neither trespass the other. Perversion is the ignorant disjointing of the natural order but we will correct the perversion of everything from seeds to soul in time. Life and the future are powerful in us and we… will be.


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