Our place is different

Data? it is much more obvious than needing data.

If you believe that this is all here just for us, than you would think we are doing pretty good trying to make total and complete use of resources.

That is wretched ignorant stupidity. They are not “peoples’ resources” they are part of the ecosystem as we are, and ecosystem that naturally regenerates them in a continual cycle. They do not belong to us unless we can use them in a way that adds as much or more on average and in balance than we take.

No it is not going “pretty well”!

However, today is a new day with a new generation. We are not exploiters, and we will die gladly as creatures in an ecosystem with creatures having lived within the natural bounds of our existence. At the same time we will do double time to repair the damage of our predecessors in a process that may take 10 generation of every type of creature and soul. We will because this is life, and life is precious.

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