More on conversion of farmland to mines

Someone’s reply that mining is going alright:


The transition to sustainable industry is our inevitable future, the question is how long until we reach that day. I said “I am not ready to discount mining as past its time, rather I would assert that it is past its prime”. How much “resource” needs to be out there in “things” or CO2 form before we slow down and start more serious cycling of resources. We are there. Leave something for your children by using some of grandpa’s “moderation”. Society must draw the line somewhere: am I or are you “man” enough or “woman” enough? If not, I believe in the next generation is, but what a shame for the present when history writes the storyline. Why should we leave our garbage piles for our children and count it our privilege to work with natures gift of all the raw materials. I’m not sure nature meant to give it all to 100 years of history.

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