Who will change the world?

100% middle class is the goal of the corporations in charge of this huge production facility we call the earth. A well cared for workforce, the middle class is the most distracted of all; not only do they toe the line working their regular hours of drudgery from youth to old age supporting the plundering of the earth, they also have the money or borrowing capability to be a market for the unending supply of soon to be junk that keeps the economy of plunder going. The rich and the poor are generally the ones that either run the system or hinder the system. Poor folk have revolution in their heart. Bring together rich folk with a conscience with the passionate poor and we might just be able to get past the damming up of the democracy by the middle class that keeps the plunder going.

Remember the middle class like a bunch of old time slaves have everything to lose while the children of the rich and of the poor can move in boldness for change. I think it is the union of lower middle class and economic dissidents with the disenchanted or thoughtful rich folk that is going to break through for change.

However, the hippies changed everything right? but the end result of their revolution was what we have now, absolute and total nonsense and plunder like the earth had never known.

This time around world change needs to be knowledge with love as a spice instead of love and drugs with no care of spice. That means we need to see more and more dissenters from the middle class to fill in the collaborative potential to get out of this downward spiral once and for all.

BTW, I noticed something. The children of the middle class tend to be lower middle class or no class at all, and they are nearly all in this indigenous hearted movement for change. Meanwhile, their folks are trying to tame them…hah. Lets tame the middle class and their beloved systems of world plunder instead!

Rich folk, ah, they had their day in the sun, their kids just want to do permaculture in a community somewhere and to see the earth re greened…lets do it!

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