Simple, Agriculture is a way to become symbiotic as a people instead of parasitic.

From a discussion of an article titled:

Let’s go green and cultivate solid biomass

Thumbs up on the topic
I support raising biomass in rotation on agricultural lands.
I support using the biomass for energy/biorefinery products and biochar.
I like the idea of splitting off a portion of the wetter or less suitable biomass to use in composting.
I support improving the farmland and nearby forestland with biochar compost and adding fertilizer/mineral through the compost to build soil health.
I support sending a portion of the product to the surrounding areas to slowly revitalize the field and forests regionally and where there is excess globally (such projects should be publicly funded).
I see so many successful techniques to grow the soil biology and through it the natural production systems that I would slate this as our predominant way to become symbiotic, and to reverse the imbalances of CO2 and over salinization of oceans, deserts and sees.

The end results: an increasing of the land biology in the form of vibrant ecosystems even in places that were desertified or decertifying, equalized flow of minerals that were increasingly “out to sea”, and a re-balanced atmospheric CO2 over time.

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