Education and Truth in general

Dr. Abell, education that actually first enlightened and then enabled would be a clear step forward. Now it is education to first denature, than, de-ideal, than focus to be useful to the machine. Our educational system is serving the purpose of actually creating a synthetic mindset and a synthetic conscience to fit with “life in captivity”.

I am also puzzled by the fact that new changes to old theories make the news, but take sometimes 20 years to make it into the classroom (modern Genetics as revealed by cancer research is one example). Perhaps there has to be detailed analysis to decide what the effect will be on the “educational program” as a whole before making a change.

On the small things. Cool idea. I would say Blitzkrieg. Go for all things big and small as what you don’t focus on can and will be used against you. Research that is 30 years outdated is used to discredit the movement for change. We need to blast the disrespect for natural order and natural processes right out of science with the mass repetition of the truth until the masses suddenly know it. The 2014 man works within the natural order not against it, get it, know it, do it. Its an ethics question that used to be understood.

I noticed when truth begins to dominate a discussion from several research angles the conventional ‘onward march’ soldiers leave the discussion and go work on a different more naive discussion. Lets blast every discussion, every educational forum, every… with truth from every angle until the clowns go hide in a barrel and the swingers decide truth beats lies.

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