Confusion about sustainability

I think we create the confusion. Anyone can go to the land and after a learning curve become sustainable. In fact squirrels can do it. The world is inherently sustainable. Why is that so difficult to understand. 

It is where you place the bar. Are we aiming for sustainability? No, we are trying to redefine it to fit what we are already nearly doing. Currently we are the worst parasites the planet has ever known and I am talking about the people (as a whole) living on the earth today. Tweaking is not achieving anything but grins from within. 

Action in sustainability, meanwhile is being demonstrated all over the world through permaculture. Many are taking it to the next level and not only sustaining without draining any systems overall, they are tweaking sustainability to become regenerative and strong net contributors to rebuild what it would take nature alone 100′s or 1000′s of years to do. We can do that because we have the capacity through collaborative intelligence. 

Everything is site specific, which is why every ecosystem differs from the other. Sustainable farming is a complete ecosystem. Regenerative agriculture just makes us philanthropists within the ecosystem. We want to build that into our existence because people have caused the damage in the first place and we want to fix it sooner than later to prevent excess suffering.

Where does the extra boost come from? From the sun that bathes the earth every day in radiating heat, creating weather, running the tiny energy conversion factories within leaves and the evapotranspiration pump, energizing the oceans, regenerating and replenishing the rivers… 

We have tended like a bunch of pack rats to haul everything off, or store it away, and then dispose of it in all the wrong places. Natural systems in our absence can put everything back in proper proportion over time (as per the natures inherent regenerative design). Because things are so out of balance, many are wanting to go the extra mile to get nutrition back into the terrestrial biosphere of the earth and re-green things. As we get the nutrition back and the soil health to hold water, deserts are reclaimed, degraded forests are bulked up with their higher levels of biology… and the process pumps the excess CO2 out of the atmosphere and puts it back in the biology where it again achieves balance.

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