How to tame the corporation and save the planet: step one–local control of local resources

I believe the work of Paul Cienfuegos is relevant to this topic.

We can only do so much through motivation. The corporation is bound by an ethic based in taking advantage within the legal boundaries. People in corporate management are in a sense “bound by an oath” to uphold the selfish ambitions of capitalism. Capitalism when defined as “free market is natural, proper, and benign. Capitalism in its current form and the effect of current corporate laws have produced a monster that can only be sufficiently shackled by the laws and ordinances of local community. Since every where on the planet is a local community, each needs to be supportive of the other as we stand up to the monster against the tide of inappropriate political pressures and lawless legalities.

Sustainability can only be established through local control of local resources. We must find the process to get there. Sustainability is in the best interests of local community and is a challenge that generations coming of age are up for.

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