Local control of local resources & lives have rights, the supercede those of business

Local control of local resources is clearly a powerful thought. It does not mean that local control equals sustainability. It means local control is a foundation to build sustainable ethic upon.

Our world is large and our politic ineffective and our method of democracy defunct. We have created and empowered a monster, but defusing the bomb is quite simple in theory. To start with as another thread suggested ‘the same logic that created the problem cannot be expected to solve it’.

We need to adopt what I call the “3-balance” in all decisions going forward: 1.)ecological Balance, 2.) Social Balance, 3.) Sustenance Balance. In permaculture this is called the triple bottom line; whatever it is called it is a foundation to bring world society around to sustainability.

Local Control means empower powerful local democracy in the vial of strong 3-balance rooted ethic controlling the minimum sufficient resource base to sustain quality of life for the human community and their sustaining ecology (together called the local ecosystem).

Set the bar of sustainability at goods-in, goods-out in equal proportion and mineral balance. Within, the community democratic goal is to strive on average for 3-balance and to be, on average, net contributors to the building of their “resource base” henceforth called “their ecosystem”.

Corporations don’t have to be a monster. If they must adapt to fit a world of societies controlling their own resource base so be it. Obviously, corporations do not have the rights of creatures, rather they have the cooperative right of the people involved subject to the democratic control of the communities in which they operate. This is a baseline starting point to rapidly adapt our society to the best interests of life.

2 thoughts on “Local control of local resources & lives have rights, the supercede those of business

  1. I have not used any chemical since 1953 and can out produce anyone using chemicals in a smaller area. it is not a quick fix and fast results. Mother Nature built up our fertile soil over millions of years. Man has taken in to brink of disaster in 80 Years.
    !00 million tons of synthetic nitrogen spread on the planet annually is burning up the carbon (organic matter) and releasing it as CO2. This has to stop soon .No fertile soil no live on earth.

    I have found over the years that how the soil is prepared for planting is the best way to get the maximum plant growth and to control insects and disease. Promotions that come from the USDA and Chemicals Companies benefit them more than the Farmers and Humanity. Shallow till and heavy equipment with water soluble chemical fertilizer is ruining our fertile soil. Plant roots are the foundation of healthy plants. The roots have to be able to grow. Shallow till limits them to grow through the hard pans to reach miner and trace minerals for the plants health. The soil has to be porous and able to breathe for Nitrogen and Oxygen to be captured and held in the soil. I get all my nitrogen for plants from the 78% in the atmosphere. The nitrogen available from the atmosphere combined with oxygen provides the life needed in the soil. When there is no Organic matter in the soil this process is stopped. Chemical fertilizer burns up the Organic matter and is simply a plant stimulant. The plants are prone to insects and disease and the vast amount of different chemicals developed end up in the food supply.

    I have a reason to believe that Organic Farming and Gardening versus Chemicals is the only way to save our fertile soil. Fertile soil without chemicals grows Healthy plants that pass Healthy food up the food chain for Healthy Humans and Animals. I was Farming the Conventional way (Chemical). I experimented in 1950 doing Organic and Chemicals together. For three years I did both together and two experiments that convinced me that Organic was Superior and changed completely to Organic in 1953. In 1958 I won many awards in contests in Vermont and New England over hundreds of Chemical Farmers
    I wrote a book “Learned by the Fencepost”– Lessons in Organic Farming and Gardening — published in 2011. I wrote it so any lay person can understand it. My Education was on the Dairy Farm in Vermont. The Book can be reviewed on Amazon and Kindle by typing “Learned by the Fencepost” on Google. The Book is easy to read with several pictures explaining techniques learned from observation, logic and a good memory. I have been told it is easy to understand and I explain why I did things for my soil, like the Master taught us. My two experiments I did in 1952 are in the book, and cost nothing for myself as well as the taxpayers. I would like to hear from you. I enjoyed writing it, as I was encouraged to do so, before my procedures were lost.
    I have been very pleased with response where other Farmers and Gardeners have read my book or used the similar procedures I have. All have said their soil continues to get better every year and produces more and better produce. Chemicals make for an impressive stimulated plant, but do nothing to build up the fertile soil. Instead the acid chemicals burn up the carbon (Organic Matter) in the soil and release it as CO2. Soil without Organic Matter is dirt without life. What I am hoping to do is make everyone aware that if just a fraction of the effort and money was put into saving our fertile soil as other programs, it could happen. Our water ways would be free of pollution and the environment would be cleaner. Monsanto is a master at influencing by observation and untruthful results that are visible. There is hardly any discussion about roots that are the foundation of healthy plants that can ward of insects and disease. How the soil is prepared for planting and keeping it porous so it can breathe is the answer. The biggest harm acid chemicals do is to the invisible below the surface of the soil where all the root growth should not be restricted. My facts I have observed are the hair roots are the scouts that search and supply the trace minerals to make the plants healthy and ward of insects and disease. Roots are not needed with water soluble chemical fertilizer, but it does make the chemical companies rich. — Fertile Soil is the Life Blood of the Earth and all Food comes from the Soil —-Food and Health in this Order.

  2. Donald; thank you for the vote of confidence and many years of experience to back up what we are pushing for as an all out solution to planetary problems of every kind.

    I identified scientifically with the concept of excess Nitrogen burning up the OM in the soil at a rate much faster than naturally would occur. The burning up causes a net depletion instead of the buildup characterized by the organic agriculture model.

    Thanks again for the experience and wise words, I will plan to try to get a copy of your book when I can.

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