Through much energy and many words, we miss the point needed to find solutions

Very little of our discussion reaches the root of the problems we face. Our total societal effect is destructive to the world ecosystem. Obama and the entire politik support the continuance of destructive net effect while making silly little concessions because they are adamant about “constant economic growth as a mantra for success. Whose success are we aiming at? the success of whoever currently has the funds to invest?

Society should naturally be a seamless connection of the ages inclusive of our history and those who are yet to be born. If the current 55 to 80 year olds achieve wealth at the expense of planetary degradation, who wins? They will be dead and leave money and titles to things that increasingly lose value.

Enviro-marxism is the system by which the united force of the corporate-politik uses the current power structure to maintain a nietzsche-an type of system whereby elites manage the common grassroots populous through power derived from environmental plunder.

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