Police of questionable character, suppression of truth… What is to be done?

Here are some interesting details of a current story of police brutality. A couple weeks ago police mistreated an innocent law abiding teen with a dysfunctional electric window on his car which apparently angered the officer. Bryce Masters was stepped on and lightly kicked several times (captured on video) while he was slipping into a serious coma induced by brain injuries. There was also video taken by the teen on a cell phone while things were leading up to the assault. The cell phone was confiscated and is still held by the police department so we cannot see the video. Google currently has disabled the eye witness video as well that showed the officers stepping on and lightly kicking the teen while he laid unconscious in a coma. I found that a Google search on “Bryce Masters eye witness video” returned no current vids and the one that did come up of eye witness video had the Google ‘sad-page’ saying “this webpage has a redirect loop”. Strange that there would suddenly be no current info available on something that so many are concerned about. A “Bing” search for “Bryce Masters, eye witness video” turned up the working video which I watched at:


Watching some of the news feeds I realized that even the video I saw was edited to exclude the first several minutes including some footage while the officer was at the door of the car.

Interestingly, as seen in this group of stories,


the footage of the light kicking and the repeated standing with a foot on the unconscious boy is left out as if it is not interesting journalistic footage while the grass lawn and the peaceful pondering of the officer are. No, obviously, the video contains important footage of not violence, but questionably ethical behavior by the officer. No common human would do that to any but his/her enemy, and only then when they were a barbarian. So why is this not shown on the news reels even though it is a major part of the video that is shown? Additionally, why was the complete video suppressed on Google in my original very specific search and then 20 minutes later after I watched it on Bing it suddenly 3 postings of the video appeared and played properly? Why then, when I looked for updates of an incident of such importance from two and a half weeks ago leaving off with an innocent boy in a critical condition with brain injuries and his phone and important video evidence belonging to him in police custody where no charges had been filed, were there zero results on any of my chosen search engines in the last 7 days? Since when is your property “held in custody” for weeks? Is video footage considered as dangerous to the police force as a gun or something? And since when is the biggest news of relevance to current events suddenly not mentioned in over 7 days. The story is being very effectively suppressed while the perpetrators have been allowed to steal the victim’s telephone from him and his family with which he recorded the events that they have carefully prepared statements regarding, while he remained unconscious in a coma. Of further interest is that he came out of the coma with a sort of amnesia.

Certainly suppression of truth concerns me. Another more important problem however is the distraction in their focus on whether the officer followed the departmental policy or not. I see no relevance or excuse to criminality to be found in policy. It is not our concern whether they followed their private departmental policies or not. The public did not write or even certify the constitutionality of those policies. The public is not even given free access to them as shown in some of the news articles. Leave policy out of the investigation of the potentially criminal behavior exercised by the police officer. Further more; take note that the police force is not military in some kind of marshal law. They are trained and given access to a full education and freely choose to be “peace officers”. In such they are individually liable for their endowment of authority and for putting forth their due diligence in understanding constitutional law. Their authority does not give them the right to violate anyone’s constitutional rights and freedoms without a major and just cause. As we all know “ignorance of the law is not a legitimate excuse”; how much more so, for an officer trained in the law and entrusted with authority which, then, cannot be separated rightfully from responsibility for their actions. We are talking about the infringement of constitutional rights not an intra-agency audit of policy-following. It is irrelevant whether he followed policy as that is their internal business, just as writing it was. If he followed policy and violated the boy’s rights he is liable. If he did not follow policy and violated the boy’s rights he is liable. The only relevant question is did he violate the boy’s rights, which he obviously may have and probably did, because the boy did not break the law or volunteer for some kind of a cop exercise. He did not violate a law nor did he seem to violate a law and he is not to be pestered if he does not want to be. This is a forgotten point. The officer may have requested that he step out of the car and he may have been reticent. Certainly, having not been clearly accused of a crime or infraction, he should be reticent to step out.  In fact, we all should be after this incident and others like it. The way it is going we may need bullet proof glass to protect ourselves from the police when we don’t have time or interest in “playing” with them. So many police seem to be showing themselves as nothing but bullies.

Bryce masters
Google blocked the video of the incident from playing

As of October 3, 2014, the last update available on Google or Bing search engines to this event that appears to have happened on September 16, 2014 was more than a week ago. That is frightening. We have the FBI investigating, the boys phone in police custody, him with amnesia and serious brain injuries and no update is made available to my search engine or an alternate—the biggest search engines in the world by the way. That is a lot of control that seems to be missing the point of governmental transparency and accountability.

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