More Folk on the Earth?

Increasing carrying capacity is an interesting phraseology.

Clearly we could, with total societal change, massively increase the ecologically stable population limit for humans on the planet using wise and appropriate technologies coupled to grassroots solutions for basic needs and ‘contentedness’.

Thankfully, we don’t need to do that. With todays technologies and clever innovation humans can live and support their societies in any region of the planet symbiotically with the ecosystem. Of course they need to count themselves as contributors and therefor placeholders of value within the ecosystem.

Because of our ‘cleverness’ and current knowledge, which though significant is still a drop in the bucket of potential knowability, we can be massively regenerative in effect if we want to be. I want to be. You want to be. So far, many do not yet want to be.

Every community needs to adjust to self support, then everything would become quite real and with perspective and local motivation for future innovation to increase human contribution to the rebuilding of local systems.

Carrying capacity suggests resource consumption. We need to be resource producing worker bees in an economy that gives back exponentially compared to what was consumed.
Again; the main exponential needs to be the rate at which we multiply ecological resource through our societies innovative contribution to the whole. A forest watershed that would take hundreds of years of slow anemic rebuild without us could be vibrant again in say 20 years with us and our heads screwed on properly.

No matter how you cut the religious phraseology from indigenous, through the mainstream to Atheism, we are here as stewards in the land and finding that purpose will return true meaning to our lives.

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