One of my projects that needs a new push forward

Carbon and Hydrogen Agro-Research Project development combines all the varied fields of science in a closed loop biomass production and utilization system that fits local scale. The slant is to embrace the highest technologies and use them at pilot scale. Often high tech in the energy sector is geared toward multi-billion dollar projects and excellent technologies are refined and tested in lab, and then pilot scale, until well refined where they sit benched due to the difficulty of scale up to coal relevant scales for billion dollar facilities. Scaling down those same technologies or using them at the proven scale fits the bill for local excellence. Additionally, biomass lacks many of the toxic components and effects associated with coal and some of the reasons for pause with coal simply do not apply to biomass. CHAR research inadvertently helped push some shelved technologies back to the forefront between 2011 and 2012 including the use of Calcium looping for CO2 capture. CHAR’s involvement in discussion at the highest level of research have also likely influenced a greater focus on biomass at the research level.

CHAR focuses on the best technology from all levels of development for projects applicable to municipalities and rural communities. Additionally, CHAR emphatically maintains the Carbon skeleton as “biochar”, engineering the output to enable beneficial Carbon sink energy production that remediates atmospheric Carbon build-up and completes the loop back to biomass production enhancement. CHAR advocates using a fraction of agricultural production to rebuild forest ecology while discouraging forestry systems as a source of biomass. Agricultural biomass production in rotation with food and fiber completes the agronomic sustainable loop and enhances synthetics free production and reliable yield. The vision is for the biomass to take its balanced place as a solid contributor to energy and biomaterials, one of many sustainable and appropriate contributors.

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