Population, moderation counts and it is working… the more conservative perspective

Though I see enough positive aspects to put overpopulation issues in the backseat of needed global change, It is still an important part of the whole. Many, however fail to realize that birth rates have moderated in most of the world. People are realizing that trying and praying to have multiple children exasperates the environmental and social problems that shame us and that they are already bound to confront our children. Additionally, focus on and valuing the birthing of many children often results in their poverty, hunger and life of disease when resources are overtaxed. Many instead are taking it easy, pursuing life, study, knowledge and the building up of wisdom and experience before family.  2014 is not, for most, a child hatching marathon time, but a time to pursue all around life in balance. A time comes for most when having a child or two is natural and healthy. Though it is not well known in modern times there are a number of old time natural methods of birth control that can be as effective as the degree of integrity in practice. Some start right away practicing natural birth control as a habit and husband and wife consensus thereby reducing natural birth numbers from zero to a few children as ‘the spirit sees fit’. Others begin when they have had a child or two and use more integrity to maintain the effectiveness that can be overcome only ‘if the lord wills’.  Natural birth control at this time in history is part of our responsibility and our stewardship. By it we help ourselves to better provide for our own and steward the land resources of our communities. If each family in a community has the land area to provide for their family and a little more, one or two children will assure that with proper stewardship those lands can continue to sustain the community indefinitely. The religious communities increasingly understand that the mandate to be “stewards of the earth” and the mandate to “fill the earth” balance each other out in coming to a certain sustaining population that leaves room for our ecosystems. Healthy ecosystems with all their natural biodiversity give us all resilience and greater weather moderation to allow all  to thrive together. The mandate to “steward the earth” can now mean that such communities lead out in 2014 and beyond with self sacrifice to live not for money and capital, but to ‘husband’ (verb form), care and nurture, life and resources into perpetuity ‘as unto the lord’. Many things are ‘learned by the fence post’, but I would like to believe that a great awakening is happening in religious ideologies the world over. Population is moderating and will tend to moderate when husband and wife live consciously and with care to moderation, thus paving the way to an exemplary community of prosperity year in and year out, ‘if the lord so wills.’

Note: I have written this in colloquial/traditional fashion to speak to an audience of the more traditional religious community. This is not my typical ‘speak’, but does in a sense represent a flavor of my beliefs transliterated. It was fun to write and I hope helpful to those who read. For less traditional or non-religious folk: enjoy the content and try not to focus on phraseology. If you are curious, I think of myself as a traditional and conservative radical progressive. That means I embrace tradition, conservation of the gems that time in culture has left us with, and radical revolutionary progress into the future; the ultimate balance!


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