What happened to the hippies? (discussion of a cartoon)

hippie cartoon

Brady AE Hippies and their generation started a revolution then turned full circle and nearly destroyed the planet and society as a whole. We were born into their mess and strangely can still find the humility to learn some things from them. Take the good and leave the bad, the world needs a morphed hippie that shys from drugs, excess, and show boatin sexuality for moderation while staying radical when it really counts.

George Kamp Nearly destroyed the planet? You are confusing the hippies with the GOP, and that is a hard thing to do!

Brady AE Think deeply and you will understand what is below the surface. The leading forces manipulated the energy toward full scale planetary plunder starting in the 80′ when the hippies coming of age were actually in position to galvanize or destroy the progress made by their activism.

Brady AE At the time the young and intermediate families began to converse about the loss of their own retirement as SS was earmarked for multiple extra uses. Word on the street was no retirement for baby boomers. The fear was manipulated to facilitate the corporate and investment income related coming of age that we see today turning a blind eye and making every effort to hide the absolute planetary carnage wrought to give the plush retirement that we see today.

Brady AE What we have rather than simply a global elite is a manipulative global elite uncomfortably in bed with the middle and upper middle class. The success of one so different from the success of the other yet inseparable in source of funding and “survival”. To destroy the system the world is actually waiting for the passing on of such a behemoth of vested interest in planetary plunder with the hopes that the youngers inheriting the eldership will not allow himself to be so bought out and reliant on planetary parasitism for their prosperity. Lower middle class to poor are actually held powerless by democracy due to the shear numbers of mass vested interests lacking an overriding conscience.

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