Eagle swimming a large fish to shore: A cultural allegory

swim eagle

Here is the link to A swimming Eagle

It seems like this eagle is a somewhat unique individual. I think this is a cultural point. The culture of eagles does not seem to readily pass on complex techniques generation to generation.

POSITIVE FOOTPRINTKiller whales and Humans are examples of cultures that in their natural form readily pass on evolutions and innovations of complex techniques. It is interesting to consider that every creature is a community of life with culture that enables and disables process adaptation. One innovation dies with one individual without a cultural process.

It is our time to learn and optimize our process for sorting out appropriate techniques and technologies clear down to the simplest process and to taboo the excesively harmful ones. The follow up must then be the cultural passing on of the evolution and adaptation of thought in light of rational thought and interpretation.

imperialismHuman life, despite anyone’s ideas on evolution or not of species into something else, is in a practical rational sense a long history of ups and downs, peaks and crashes,… that we must realize hinges on our ability to sort out the junk and harm from our innovations and to hang onto the successes but in context to the local and cultural environment that allowed their success. We have the tools—if we use them well—to achieve a leap, not of evolution per say, but of progress and reunification with finite realities about the earth and our local environments and in such we also have the tools to build into what we do, a culture that will enable long term retention of what has been and is to be learned in the process.

Let’s be regenerative and symbiotic to our local environment and not harmful or overly burdensome to the earth ecosystem as a whole. Let’s build the human connection to leave the tools of flourishing holistic society of regional connection to the next generations for them to build upon, not the collateral damage of selfish and ignorant ambition of shallow temporal benefit. Let’s rediscover a spiritual connection to the whole that takes a step toward rebuilding an inate sense and response to the successes and the groans of the whole. Life is for the living; now let us live well!


maramures haystacks

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