Let local reinvent relevant

Backward thinking old paradigm strategy is disease. For a future there is an obvious forward that does not rediscover the mistakes of the past, but rather its successes.

Daddy planting mustard

Let local reinvent relevant over the coming 1000 plus years while they collaborate in the global dialogue. Schooling/education that is not local will not empower relevantly. We cannot invent it this time, we must rediscover it and our connection and let local evolve what is right for local in the vial of local sufficiency.

In such we will have a mechanism to determine “appropriate technology” per locale’ and per microcosm. The diverse world fits not in the human pocket just as “deity” fits not in religion’s pocket.

Let’s let nature do the bulk of the work and teaching and disciple under her for a future.

Tucking in drip tape and hilling potatoes on Stewardship Farm

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